Important dates and school holidays in Sweden 2024 - Take me to Sweden (2024)

A new year, a new empty agenda! My agenda is never empty for very long as I begin to mark all the long weekends and school vacations. Knowing when it is a bank holiday or school vacation in Sweden is so handy when planning a trip. That’s why I set up this list for you with the dates of the official public holidays in Sweden. This way you can also choose your travel dates in function of certain festivities and you avoid only finding out when you’re there, that many things may be closed during your stay in Sweden because of a bank holiday.

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Swedish (bank) holidays 2024

The official Swedish bank holidays are röda dagar (red days) in Sweden. These are the days when most of the Swedes do not have to work. I put them bold in the list below. Midsummer Eve and Christmas Eve are inbold and italic. Although no official holidays in Sweden, most of the Swedes take the day off or stop working earlier.

1 JanuaryNyårsdagenNew year
6 JanuaryTrettondedag Jul
13 JanuaryTjugondedag Jul (Knutsdagen)
13 FebruaryFettisdagen
14 FebruaryAlla Hjärtans dagValentine’s day
28 MarchSkärtorsdagen
29 MarchLångfredagen
30 MarchPåskdagenEaster
31 MarchAnnandag PåskEaster monday
30 AprilValborgsmässoaftonWalpurgis
1 MayFörsta Maj
9 MayKristi Himmelfärds dag
26 MayMors dagMother’s day
6 JuneSveriges nationaldagNational holiday
19 MayPingstdagen
20 MayAnnandag Pingst
23 JuneMidsommaraftonMidsummer eve
24 JuneMidsommarenMidsummer
1 NovemberAlla Helgons dag (Skogskyrkogården)All Saints
10 NovemberFars dagFather’s day
13 DecemberLuciadagenSt Lucia
24 DecemberJulaftonChristmas eve
25 DecemberJuldagen (Jul)Christmas
26 DecemberAnnandag JulBoxing Day

Swedish school holidays 2024

The Swedish school holidays are sometimes spread, depending on the region.

Christmas Holidays

Christmas holidays in Sweden run from December 21, 2024 to January 6, 2025. Local deviations are possible. Next year the Christmas holidays will be from December 20, 2025 to January 4, 2026. Planning further ahead? In 2026, the Swedish Christmas holidays start on December 19 and end on January 10, 2027.

Visiting Stockholm during Christmas season? Read this article!

Winter Holidays

In Sweden, the winter holiday is called ‘sportlov‘ or sports holidays. This holiday is spread between weeks 7 and 10, depending on the region. In Göteborg it is week 7, in Malmö week 8 and Stockholm had week 9.

If you would like to book a skiing holiday in Sweden, it may be useful to take these dates into account. Outside these periods, certain slopes can be closed or more (and cheaper) accommodation can be available.

Easter Holidays

Only Stockholm and Central Sweden have a full week of Easter Holidays. The other regions only have an extended Easter weekend.

Summer Holiday

The Summer Holidays in Sweden commence on June 12 and last until August 16, 2024. A number of regions start their summer holidays a few days earlier or later. Please note that popular tourist destinations can be busy during this period. After this date it is much quieter, but certain attractions and/or facilities may be (partly) closed.

In the coming years, the summer holidays will be from June 14 to August 18, 2025, from June 13 to August 16, 2026 and from June 12 to August 12, 2027.

Autumn Holiday

The autumn vacation also depend on the region: from 28 October to 1 November 2024.

Good to know when planning your vacation to Sweden

⭐️On the eve of a holiday, shops and museums often close a bit earlier. Midsummer can be compared to Christmas. Just about everything is closed and a lot of Swedes go to their sommarstuga or holiday home. Yes, the day before is often one of the busiest times on the roads!

⭐️ During the corona crisis, the Swedes rediscovered their own country. So keep in mind that during the Swedish summer holidays it can be crowded in the popular places. It is best to book overnight stays in touristic regions in advance. Try to travel a little later if you can – in mid-August the Swedish summer holidays are over and things are quieter again. Do check that the places you want to visit are still open. Or avoid the more popular spots and explore lesser-known regions.

⭐️ Many holidays are special celebrations to experience in Sweden. I’m thinking of Valborg, midsummer, Sankta Lucia and the Christmas markets,… Sometimes I really try to plan my trips around those events.

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What are ‘flag days’ or flaggdagar?

Flaggdagar are days when you rise the flag. You fly the flag when you feel like it, usually on family occasions such as birthdays, weddings, etc. and of course also on general flag days established by the government. There are 17 national flag days and there can even be local flag days. Apart from days like New Year, Easter, the National Day,… also the ‘name days’ and the birthdays for the king, queen and crown princess are flag days.

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FAQ Holidays in Sweden

When does summer break start in Sweden?

The summer school holidays already start halfway June. Most people take a break shortly after midsummer. It is not unusual in Sweden to take several weeks off.

Important dates and school holidays in Sweden 2024 - Take me to Sweden (2024)


What are the school holidays in Sweden? ›

The school year

The Swedish school year runs from August to June, with an autumn break in October, a Christmas holiday, a winter break in February–March and an Easter holiday.

What is the most important holiday in Sweden? ›

Country-closing Midsummer Eve, celebrating the longest day of the year, is the big one. Other popular celebrations and holidays is Christmas, Easter and Kräftskiva. Days like cinnamon bun day, waffle day and 'Fettisdagen' (Shrove Tuesday) is also being celebrated throughout the country.

What is the red day in Sweden? ›

In colloquial terms, public holidays are called 'red days' in Sweden.

How long is the summer break in Sweden? ›

Traditionally, Swedes would take four or five weeks off in the summer (by law, Swedish employees have 25 holidays) and head to their country houses (usually in July).

What is the school schedule in Sweden? ›

A typical Swedish school day usually starts at 8 a.m., and usually, the school day ends around 2:30 or 3 p.m. During a school day in Sweden, they typically have three breaks, one 20-minute break in the early morning, around 10 a.m., a lunch break midday, which usually is about 45 minutes, and another 20-minute break in ...

Is school lunch free in Sweden? ›

Many countries around the world provide school lunches, but Sweden is unique in offering them for free. In Sweden hot school lunches are provided to all students ages 6 to 16 and most students ages 16 to 19, five days a week.

What is the most important thing in Sweden? ›

One of the most notable aspects of Swedish culture is their respect for the environment and commitment to sustainability.

What religion is Swedish? ›

Over 80% of Swedes belong to the Lutheran Church of Sweden; although many don't practice their religion, the moral influence on the Swedish culture is evident. The remaining 20% ??is shared by Catholics, Orthodox Christian, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists.

What is squeeze day in Sweden? ›

Days between a holiday and a weekend are in Swedish called klämdagar (squeeze days). These may arise at different holidays, but there is one permanent klämdag every year. Many people are off work on klämdagar getting long weekends.

Is it dark during the day in Sweden? ›

In the far north, the sun does not set at all in June and there is darkness around the clock in January. However, in January in Stockholm, the sun rises at 8:47 am and sets at 2:55 pm, while in July the sun rises at 3:40 am and sets at 10:00 pm.

What is Sweden's Children's day? ›

Children's Day is often celebrated on various days by many countries around the world, but it is universally celebrated on November 20th. Sweden does not have their own personal date to celebrate children's day. This day promotes the children of the world through health, mental, and emotional welfare.

How do Swedes discipline their children? ›

Furthermore, there is an emphasis on children's abilities to create their own path in life and respect for children's rights and freedom. In terms of different forms of punishment including the physical punishment, discipline is not a core orientation for Swedish parents, and it is seen as an unfavorable action.

How long is school in Sweden hours? ›

The year is broken up into two semesters. There is a long break in December from the middle of the month until early January. For younger kids, school hours are typically 8:30 to 14:30. Older students start at the same time and leave around 15:00 or 16:00.

What is the academic calendar in Sweden? ›

The academic year at Swedish universities consists of two semesters, each lasting 20 weeks. The autumn semester runs from the beginning of September to mid-January, and the spring semester runs from mid-January until the beginning of June. There is usually a two-week break in teaching at Christmas.

How long is vacation time in Sweden? ›

Annual leave in Sweden (holiday / vacation)

Mandatory annual leave in Sweden is 25 days. Employees in Sweden are obligated to take at least 20 days of paid holiday each year, with any remaining mandatory leave days and any additional days granted in the contract rolling over to the next year.

What is the summer holiday in Sweden called? ›

Swedes call it Midsummer. Swedish Midsummer is usually celebrated in the countryside, which means that on the day before, many leave town. On Midsummer's Eve, many shops are closed and the city streets are suddenly spookily deserted.

What is the holiday system in Sweden? ›

Here are the key vacation rules to be aware of in Sweden: The law states that all employees are entitled to 25 days off during a holiday year. The law also states that employees shall have the opportunity for 4 weeks of continuous holiday leave during the main period, which is from June to August.


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