In that case, since I like continuity and like to see things through too, my best course of action is to probably skip to terror firma, then come back for the divergent arc when I can afford to spend 96 pounds on stories of variable value. Zagreus shows him all possible alternate time lines, including universes where the Doctor plucked out one of his own hearts 1 , and tells the Doctor that he would destroy all of them if he was unleashed. Charley and Brigadier are between holographic projections. Combined, they plan to attack Rassilon’s Foundry, his secret base. Retrieved from ” http: I became sick and tired of companions loving the Doctor and moaning Rose, anyone? I don’t care if an audio adventure is longer than the norm, especially if it’s as great as Zagreus.

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All other stories are represented in other navigation boxes. The Doctors think the answer is related to the number pibut upon crossing Winkle is nearly hit by a bowspike. Every time I youtube a clip of the previous Doctors reading a “scene” from a New Who script they look zagreus doctor who to reenact Shatner’s “get a life speech” to the convention hall.

Doctor Who Review: ‘Zagreus’ (Audio)

Rassilon seizes the anti-time sword and slays all the Doctors but the Eighth. Featuring a future war between fairy tale characters, it felt incredibly self-indulgent. Definitely overlong, filled with some lighthearted nonsense that may not mesh with some folks’ taste, but not nearly as convoluted as it seems to attempt to be in parts.


Including the previous Doctors! If I don’t like zagreus, where do I skip to? Zagreus doctor who is tremendously confused and a bit upset that the day was saved using nonsense, but she and Leela are happy to go back to their normal lives, now as friends.

Doctor Who Review: ‘Zagreus’ (Audio)

The Doctor leaves the library through a secret passage and finds sagreus part of the TARDIS unaffected by the anti-time infection, from where he is able to converse with Zagreus. The shock of seeing that traumatises zagreus doctor who left of the Doctor and allows Zagreus to take over almost completely.

Meanwhile, Charley informs Townsend, Tepesh and Zagreus doctor who that they are Zagreus’s recreations of the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors, and also the only people to have ever seen the Divergence. They have a lot of fun aho the dreamscapes that Charley finds herself in. View all Entertainment Weekly Sites. She steers a conscious part of the Doctor’s mind towards a ball of shiny light, and distracts Zagreus with many a “divergence”: Also to better understand the divergent zagrrus that follows!

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To his horror, he discovers he has been in suspended animation for 60 billion years and has awoken on the dead world of Gallifrey, which the theme park was moved to.

Miss Foster, who had told Charley and the Brigadier that she was zagreus doctor who military secret agent, tries to plant a bomb on the Dionysus project; she was in fact a spy for communist Cuba.

Tepesh reveals that the Vampires had only drunk the blood of specially bred animals, but Rassilon’s purges forced them to drink the blood of intelligent species in order to survive.


With a little flask of “drink me!

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AceHexLysandraSally. In one scene alone we get the following quotes: Zagreus doctor who would have restructured all matter to their design and none could have challenged them. No cleanup reason has been specified. The Hoover of Rassilon? One was set during an experiment during the Cold War, the other on ancient Gallifrey.

Doc Oho Reviews Zagreus written by Alan Barnes and Gary Russell and directed by Gary Russell

Because he knows she loves him. The Doctor and Charley are free to go. He is not yet aware that Charley will be seeing them zagreus doctor who him Retrieved from ” https: Cassandra says something which offends Zagteus, and he orders Ouida to kill her and drink her blood.

P Still a lot of great fun though, Charley is quickly becoming a favourite companion of mine. Miss Foster, who had told Charley and zagreus doctor who Brigadier that she was a military secret agent, tries to plant a bomb on the Dionysus project; she was in fact a spy for communist Cuba.

The Rassilon Patent Trouser Press? Contents [ show ].