Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. This License grants you the following rights: Thanks, Andy, I must have some presets wrong. There’s really no reason NOT to upgrade unless your computer doesn’t meet the specifications of the software. But maybe I’m just being an old fart who isn’t interested in “change” when what I have at present works just fine. Also the playback of an MP4 file may not be performed properly. Without prejudice to any other rights, SONY may terminate this License if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this License.

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Sony XDCAM Transfer

March February Some of the new features added by this firmware version: Xdcan performance of this software will vary depending on the video format of the material, its size, the storage location, xdcam transfer 2.12 the performance of the computer.

I have an old G5 Quad, the last rransfer before the Intel Macs. I actually took Dougs advise a while back,that really theres no reason not to keep as up to date as possible. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Sony XDCAM Transfer | VOCAS

Tips Download in principe altijd de meest recente versie tenzij je echt een oudere versie nodig hebt. Xdca, Optical FAM driver v2. I’ll be the first to xdcam transfer 2.12 that any Sony software can be a real bitch sometimes cdcam get working, but once you get over that hurdle it usually smooth sailing.


This update adds the following video codecs needed by certain Sony products for use by QuickTime-based applications:. I rented it the day before, and read up that you need the FCP XD plugin, so went to the site and it’s currently under maintenance. Merry Xmas to all.

Sony Creative Software – XDCAM Drive Software

Also the playback of xdcaj MP4 file may not be performed properly. Damn, I just reformatted the cards A little more info here: Your machine must also have the SD playback option installed if your mixed format disc includes SD material.

This update adds the following video codecs needed by certain Sony products for use by QuickTime-based applications: No need to be fancy, just an overview. However, this version xdcam transfer 2.12 still not compatible with Final Cut Pro X read transfef associated release note. Maybe you won’t have the same issue.

See transcer release notes for a list of new features added to this release. Im a fellow Old fart and relatively new to the tail chasing game too. I also prefer the new interface and the convenience of having the functions of mutiple utilities rolled into one program. LINK interface to mount the device as an optical disc drive. I have a huge favor xdcam transfer 2.12 ask. Alle genoemde prijzen zijn excl.


Free xdcam transfer 2.12 social advice

I talked with Sony broadcast tech support and they told me to definitely download and install Content Browser instead. You can get it here: This update adds the following video 2.12 needed by certain Sony products for use by QuickTime-based applications: I have till tomorrow to transfer this footage, anyone know how I can get my hands on this codec?

XDCAM Browser combines some of the functionalities provided by the following separate software applications into a single cross platform Windows and Mac OS application: Apparently there’s one more version coming down the line, xdcam transfer 2.12 then its gone. This limited trnasfer extends only to you as the original licensee.

Last version was 2. At the same time, Network software update version 2. So this new thingamagig is called what.