This is an indirect way of obtaining results in the frequency domain and because of that it is less efficient. Different types of wire-to-plate junctions are available. Near field distribution or far field radiation patterns can be calculated for the points specified by user. Year of Establishment Get Best Price Request a quote.

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The simulation is carried out by using only CPU technology considering the fact that the model is not electrically large.

The wipl-d software fill-in, matrix solve and near-field calculations are all accelerated. Eigen values of geometries are determined by the CMA solver.

Electromagnetic Simulation and EM Modeling Software | WIPL-D

softwware FEM solver is under development. The numerical engine is based on the Method of Moments applied to surface integral equations employing higher-order wipl-d software functions and a quadrilateral mesh. Besides the unprecedented speed of the computations, high accuracy is equally important inherent property of WIPL-D kernel.

Many designed devices in these areas have been tested through measurements.

Get in Touch with us Electrosoft Consultants. The wipl-d software examples are: Will-d is precisely what we offer you. Is the simulation possible at extremely osftware frequencies kHz, 50 Hz simulations? The simulation requires only 8, unknown coefficients in MoM matrix, but it is carried out 4 times to generate results for all 5 ports model symmetry. WIPL-D team has extensive experience and offers customers assistance in simulation of various wire, solid wipl-d software and dielectric, or printed antennas.


In practice this means that entire microstrip patch antenna typically 0.

This enables simulations of devices at distances measured in hundreds of lambdas without actually increasing the simulation requirements.

In order to obtain the same result by time domain analysis, the analysis should be performed in a sufficient time interval.


The required number of unknowns per wipl-d software wavelength for electrically large plates is very small Legal Status of Firm Partnership.

Domain Decomposition Solver The solver wlpl-d electrically very large structures by subdividing the boundary problem into smaller sub-domain problems, solving the subdomain problems and combining the solutions. Careful comparison to measured results is carried out in each step. In case of electrically moderate or large structures, the approach yields a very high number of discretization points.

A typical example could be a class of problems related to Antenna Placement where an antenna is designed to work on board an aircraftshipcar or some wipl-d software platform like laptop or mobile wipl-d software which are all usually modeled using sofftware CAD tools. The solver calculates time-domain response to predefined or user-defined excitation pulses by using frequency-domain analysis and Fourier transformation.

Software can be purchased in a form of permanent license or rented on a yearly basis depending on your needs and budget. Accordingly, when using the same approximation technique, the number aoftware unknowns is inherently about two time smaller with the quad mesh.


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Whenever you perform circuit level simulations, the circuit parameters of included 3D EM components are computed on-the-fly. In EM simulation, such layers can sometimes be treated as infinite layers of dielectric as in 2d or 2.

WIPL-D sweeper is used to demonstrate how the resonance shifts by merely changing puck length. The default number of supported threads is 4 – support wipl-d software more threads is available for the additional fee. The next step in preparation of the model is removal of the wipl-d software irrelevant for EM simulation. There is no compromise between the speed and the accurac y as the latter have been confirmed via numerous benchmarks including the comparison with the measured data or with the results available in an analytical form.

What are the minimum hardware requirements? Powerful multi-algorithm optimization tool which calculates both a single and multiple solutions for complex, multi-criteria optimization. Single cavity with solid puck is the most important model.