Sunrise and sunset times were not displaying in the daily forecast for some locations. Made some modifications to the tray tooltip window to make it load quicker. Predicted future versions and notices: Double-click the slider at the bottom of the “NOW” section of the main Weather Watcher Live window to toggle between days, hours and moons. After restarting Weather Watcher Live, the weather would update okay again until the first automatic realtime update occurred.

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Weather Watcher Live – Download

The weather station search and local observations windows were not loading properly due to some 7.077 changes in Google Maps. For example, “New rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible”.

History updates Complete changelogs since the listing on this site 7. The main Weather Watcher Live window was sometimes locking up after changing the settings in the “Conversion” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

Weather Watcher Live 7.2.154

Weather Underground weather stations can now be accessed. Sunrise and sunset times were not displaying for some international locations. When the main Weather Watcher Live window is resized, additional forecast days will appear in the “NOW” section on the left to fill the available space. Weather Watcher will allow you to automatically retrieve your weather data at a set interval Tevens raden we je aan om de eerste keer direct in de opties enkele wijzigingen door te voeren, want Weather Watcher Live is net als Desktop Weather gericht op Amerikaanse gebruikers; alles staat dus in Fahrenheit en mijlen per uur.


Reverted the changes made to the weather station search weather watcher live 7.0.77 in version 7. The machine id was not displaying properly in the “License” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window for some users. Replaced Watcheer branding with Earth Networks branding. Some weather stations outside of the US were often showing weather watcher live 7.0.77 feels like temperature that matched the actual wqtcher in the daily forecast.

On new installations, the Weather Watcher Live window was not tall enough to prevent the bar graphs from overlapping the content in the top part of the window.

Release Notes | Weather Watcher

Many of menu items at the bottom of the main Weather Watcher window were broken due to recent changes on the WeatherBug website. You can now search by address or zoom out to reveal surrounding weather stations.

When using a Weather watcher live 7.0.77 Underground weather station, the real-time weather will update more often if the selected weather station is updating frequently. The Map Browser window would not load when the map list contained a map that was not an image — had to filter out maps that linked to web pages. The daily forecast was only showing one day for some international regional Windows formats e. Wezther Now 60 day money-back guarantee. The program can reveal an amazing amount of information.

Incorrect low temperature sometimes showing for the 3rd day in the daily forecast. Tweaked “Rain Today”, “Monthly Rain”, and “Yearly Rain” formatting to allow proper conversion when using international decimal and digit grouping formats. Just tap the call button in groups weather watcher live 7.0.77 select “New group call” when starting a new call in the calls tab.


As a result of a change made in version 7. The barometer gauge and bar graph in the main Weather Watcher Live window were not displaying properly when bad pressure data existed in the Weather Underground data feed. Your download is ready!

Made changes to fix display issues for Windows 8 users. The weather station search window was displaying no results for some locations outside of the US. Made many changes to correct various weather data display issues in the main Weather watcher live 7.0.77 Watcher Live window. The Weather Watcher Live system tray icon was flashing and reloading when left-clicking the icon to display the main Weather Watcher Live window.

Resolved display issues with the weather station search, monthly observations, and local observations windows. The slider at the bottom of the Splendid and Splendid2 skins was not displaying icons when Internet Explorer 6 was warcher.

Do you recommend it? Removed dependency on the Microsoft Script Runtime.