For more information, you might be interested in reading the user guide for the X-Plane model. Lee and Richards would have envied electric power and computerized controls. It had many very successful flights, and a ton has been learned about the design. Albiez on March 29, I would think it would be immense! While using smaller motors 1, Watts per motor capability, but running only Watts on his model prototype, he anticipates mounting something like the Turnigy on his first manned craft.

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Verticopter Simulation with X Plane Simulator – video dailymotion

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I see two helicopter-blade fans or whatever they’re called. Daniel Klaue what are you using to drive the RC prototype? I had to model verticopter plane twice: A single motor, for verticopter, would provide a simple solution for verticopter conventional takeoff and landing CTOL aircraft.

The visualization is really good! All systems required for ground movement taxiing. It’s more like a plate spinning on your finger, without the cookies. Kukanani on November 11, Differential thrust vectoring gives the verticopyer great flexibility in maneuvering, including in yaw.


Verticopter Simulation with X Plane Simulator

The motor shown …. Note the multiple shadows, and the diffused reflection of this plane. I wish you every sucess with verticopter. Your simulations verticopter X-Plane give real credibility to your design, that will help enormously in ferticopter negotiations.

I will get an RC Verticoptor and fly it and see how it works. NathanKP – Imagination Manifesto. The motor verticopter … Read More. Now, in its most current version, it looks a bit more like a box wing design with pivoting propulsion. This has been the functionality of the prototype, but for full-blown large manned aircraft, a puffer system will be utilized. I think it is a very good flyable design, with serious commerical potential.

The aerobatic potential of such verticopter craft would lead to an entirely new school of maneuvers.

The Verticopter® , an Adaptable and Expandable Convertiplane – CAFE Foundation Blog

More videos to appear soon on youTube, and also on Discovery Channel. OniOid on November 11, This would make it more verticopter


That is realy great job. Next Article Game Engine Competition. But Oliver has certainly developed the concept to a new level of sophistication verticopter potential.

The model vertiopter in Blender is a high precision “skin” that is used to cloak the rather verticopter X-Plane flight model. Adaptable for varying flight characteristics, the Verticopter can be powered by one or more motors.

I think they will quickly realise the potential. I mean it has two rotation axis ; Isn’t it? Thats an interesting design. TheNightFly on March vertico;ter, But a 2 seater aircraft? Have you done any tests in verticopter regard? Congrats, Blender, for the design.