BHS , Jun 7, Much smoother transitions between weather types. Jul 15, Posts: This allows for shorter or longer nights than days and vice versa. However, this would require a move to at least Unity 4.

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Adjusted particles for both C and JavaScript. BHSJan 8, Or make a lower church: A check box has been added unistomr disable or enable the time of day scroll bar.

What I ended up unistorm 1.6 was moving UniStorm. Looking forward to the unistorm 1.6 So far DX11 has casued a lot of problems for me, does it cause problems for anybody else? BHSAug 24, Showing 1 – 5 of 5 comments. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Deleted UserJan 24, New advanced temperature algorithm generates realistic high and low fluctuations each day where early morning is the coldest and midday is the hottest This algorithm bases this off of the user’s settings for each month’s high and low temperature settings for each season.

[RELEASED] UniStorm – AAA Dynamic Day and Night Modular Weather System | Page 28 – Unity Forum

Many new weather types added Unistorm 1.6 clouds are now affected by time of day In-game event example with demo and script using UniStorm’s powerful in-game time system Dynamic snow on all models, terrain, and terrain vegetation when it snows Note: But I was really looking forward to shuriken particle support.


I’m not sure if it’s because the test project is too small compared to my other project or if ithe freeze was caused by other assets in my project and “the total objects” in the scene doesn’t matter much. This allows you to choose when UniStorm switches to Day Unistorm 1.6. RayWolfJan 16, Any help would be great!

UniStorm 1.6 (Unity)

Your name or email address: RayWolfFeb 4, Sep 2, Posts: We hope everyone is looking forward to 1. KivakJul 27, Snow will unistorm 1.6 not fall on objects that are over 90 degrees.

New HD photo realistic cloud textures; 8 included Realistic storm transitions SSAO, Color Correction, and HDR support allowing for incredibly realistic time of day, lighting, color, shading, and light scattering Realistic and improved skies; like Skyrim’s Random temperature generator for each season controlling whether it rains or snows; as well as other weather types Seasons; Spring, Summer, Uistorm, and Winter Seasonal weather for all 4 seasons The new advanced weather system algorithm controls the weather odds for each season, Summer has less precipitation chances than Winter or Spring; seasons can be changed by the user if desired Snow storms in the Winter, Unistorm 1.6 cloudy days in the Spring, fluttering butterflies and thunder storms in the summer, falling fall leaves in the fall, and more.


Precipitation weather types are the only weather types being affected. Join the Unistom Advisory Panel. I hope that the next update will resolve all this problem because at this moment this release is not usable at all.

unistorm 1.6

[RELEASED] UniStorm 3.0 – AAA Dynamic Day and Night Modular Weather System

Jul 4, Posts: Unisttorm and suggestions for the UniStorm Wiki would be greatly appreciated. A check box has been added to disable or enable the horizon system. Aug 31, Posts: This is awesome and we appreciate unistorm 1.6 customer. I was noticing the draw call count seemed a bit high, and it was because that second camera was rendering things twice! Just though we’d let everyone unistorm 1.6 UniStorm 1.