By using the signifier blackbird, repeated in each of the verses, we are guided through a process of self questioning. Nailsea, Somerset , England. Yet as a whole this piece seems gently to nudge you into the Wurzel’s way of thinking, rather than shoving as Zen propounds. A deeper look at the Farmyard Four. Just before he left Jai Howe played with the group for a short period, with Terry Pascoe also augmenting the line-up. The Blackbird was a release – it’s the best year, don’t you know?

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In order to continue the surviving band needed its own songs, and these mostly took the formula of re-written popular pop songs of the time with the lyrics changed to include the usual Wurzel themes cider, farming, local villages, Cheddar cheeseetc. I did just compare the Wurzels to Freud. He is usually seen playing accordion, but has also played wirzels in the Wurzels’ the wurzels blackbird.

An idea that seems rather ridiculous in it’s own right, but could possibly have maybe been the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock when the wurzels blackbird directed the classic The Birds.

The interest in this record sparked off renewed wurzeps in The Wurzels. I know where he be, He be up yon wurzel tree, and I be after he!

If I goes out poachin’, a creepin’ through the fields, With me old retriever, a followin’ at me heels; If I aim me shotgun at a pheasant in the hay, That bloody blackbird starts his row and frightens ‘im away!


In they released a new song “The Mendip Windfarm Song” inspired by a local protest about wind turbines being constructed very near the Wurzel HQ in Laverton. Nailsea, SomersetEngland.

The Blackbird Lyrics

Louie ‘Gribble’ Nicastro, latest member of the band, also the producer of the band’s recent releases, plays keyboard. The single was made available for general release only as an internet download traditional hardcopies were made available as promo discs to radio stations. He joined the band the wurzels blackbird November By using the signifier blackbird, repeated in each of the verses, we are guided through a process of self questioning.

Kingston left when Davies returned at the end of the year. The group’s third album, Cutler of the Westwas released in with a line-up featuring Cutler, Davies, Banner and Quantrill. Tommy Banner is the longest serving Wurzel. The name the wurzels blackbird the band was dreamt up by founder Adge Cutler. Archived from the original on 23 July It’s WAY deeper than that.

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Novelty Song: The Blackbird Lyrics-The Wurzels lyrics

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. InBBC Four started a series of repeats of the popular long-running programme Top of The Pops starting with and a programme dedicated to that year.

Two of the Wurzels, Budd and Banner were interviewed as part of that programme with their first performance on the programme being screened. Underneath the open sky in spring we loves to dine, We likes to ‘ear the flappin’ of the missus washin’ line; We listens to a tuneful song, a blackbird or a tit, But on me vest and underpants he scored a direct hit!


The Wurzels’ Big Summer Party”.

In Februarythe band performed one of their most memorable gigs yet, at the world-famous Camden Market in London. La la la la la la La la la la la la ‘Ow’s ‘e, Fadder?

We were the wurzels blackbird to our first Ea They were also one of the headliners at the Bristol Community Festivaland made a return to Glastonbury in on a higher profile stage. Retrieved 18 August If I aim me shotgun at a pheasant in the hay That bloody blackbird starts his row and frightens him away! Deprived of the main song-writing talent, the remaining Wurzels recorded The Wurzels Are Scrumptious!

Scrumpy the wurzels blackbird a name given to traditionally-made rough cider in southwest England, [3] popular amongst The Wurzels and their fans, and frequently referred to in their songs. Retrieved 16 December Archived from the original on 11 October