The translation is wonderful, and the narration absolutely superb. It tells the story of the Fall of Man, a tale of immense drama and excitement, of rebellion and treachery, of innocence pitted against corruption, in which God and Satan fight a bitter battle for control of mankind’s destiny. His travels were fraught with danger as he came to clash with all manners of beings such as sea nymphs, vengeful Gods, sinister enchantress and mythological monster of Greek folklore. Loved every minute of it. Our group will review and follow up within 72 hours. Homer’s tale of love, adventure, food and drink, sensual pleasure, and mortal danger reaches the English-language listener in all its glory.

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The Odyssey Audio Book Review | Audiobook Treasury

I re-downloaded the audiobook, but to no avail. I found myself adjusting the treble on my speakers constantly.

It’s a deeply satisfying experience to listen to McKellen’s subtle, resonant voice weave the story. Other than that it was great! Based on ronert rest of the narration, I am confident that this was not the case, but rather an unfortunate effect of the audio editing.

Thank you for signing up. It even sounds like a different narrator. Publisher’s Summary This new translation by award-winning translator Robert Fagles captures the energy of Homer’s original in bold, contemporary idiom.


Homer, Caroline Alexander – translator Audioboik by: We pick great audiobooks for you. One of the best contemporary translations.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey Audio Book Review. Swap it for free. The 4 star rating in this case is only for the Penguin Audio audiobook edition of Robert Fagles’ translation of Homer’s The Odyssey. Mythology succeeds like no other audiobook in bringing to life for the modern listener the Greek, Roman, and Norse myths and legends that are the keystone of Western culture – the stories of gods and heroes that have inspired human creativity from antiquity to the present.

It was very interesting to see how well formed it is a as novel. Don’t waste your time or money on this one. Clive James translatorDante Alighieri Narrated by: Gabriele the odyssey audiobook robert fagles, OR, United States He flows through the text as though he were born to it, with no pauses at places where the order, and choice of words, show how very long ago this was written. Hey Audible – ummm Amazon – I odysset you don’t care but we pay for these recordings with real money.

Penguin should burn in Hades for almost spoiling them: John Milton Narrated by: Some issues with the sound odyssry but didn’t diminish the enjoyment.



To read new reviews and free audiobooks. The narrator is an absolutely perfect fit! I am an avid member of Audible because I want books, professional readers and professional recordingsā€¦this recording id terrible.

As others have stated, the pitch also varies in places which is a shame because the narration is superb.

Edith Hamilton Narrated by: John Milton’s Paradise Lost is one of the greatest epic poems in the English language. I have to admit, I was a little surprised at how many tears were shed by practically everyone included in the story. Robert Fitzgerald’s translation robett The Odyssey has been the standard translation for more than three generations of students and poets. Site design by http: So the 24 Chapter starts are only occasionally audibook to the beginnings of the 24 Verses of the Odyssey.

Odysseus was the classic hero, facing impossible odds, temptations and even the chance of immortality he remained focused on his goal.