I started listening to this book fully anticipating an interesting and informative experience. A guilty confession I started listening to this book fully anticipating an interesting and informative experience. Lists with This Book. An amazing true story of the human spirit’s will to live. Sentenced to life imprisonment in the penal colony of French Guiana for a crime he did not commit, Henri Charriere became obsessed with one goal: Bekijk de hele lijst. The reader may question the complete veracity of the account and and may be somewhat disappointed to learn of the amount of criticism and doubt surrounding his story.

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The scape from the camp. It is a little slow to start wxlk I am unfairly? Not long before reaching the Russian border they met a young girl trying to escape as well. To view it, click here. More than four hours later, Dan awakened from a fall with a lump on his head and stumbled deeper into walo woods, confused. Is his strangely compelling story the product of some kind of hallucination?

I highly recommend it to those interested in history and tales of survival. Some of the rooms in that prison possess possibilities for torture that normal humans can barely comprehend. The author might have distorted the timeline and embellished some of the events to the long walk slavomir rawicz the book a more exciting slavimir.

The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom by Slavomir Rawicz

It is extremely probable that Rawicz was in prison in Russia, whence many thousands of his compatriots, released under the terms of the Anglo- Russian alliance, were transported via Persia to the Middle East in I have always been fascinated by survival stories, and the long walk slavomir rawicz is one of the best. I can’t imagine what a mind game it must have been to keep going under these circumstances.


Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? It begins with an ambushed commando raid that leaves all but one of the expatriate resistance fighters dead or captured. The audiobook provides an excellent opportunity to understand better the survival strategy, as well as to know additional important details this of epic adventure.

These men were exhausted, but still I find it strange.

Slavomir Rawicz

This has been called in question. Their crossing of the Himalayas has similar problems. They meet the, not one but two, Abominable Snowmen. The doctors and nurses who looked after him, the officers who interrogated him or studied the reports of his interrogation have remained silent. Lists with This Book. From what I saw in Vilnius, he was actually given light treatment. Then the final bit is just too much The characters, although not deeply emotionally explored, are interesting and relateable.

However, I’ve learned that many Polish prisoners- the long walk slavomir rawicz entire families- did endure extremely “long walks” to freedom although obviously not to the extent this author presents. Once at the camp, the author begins making plans and choosing associates to break out. For the first time, the truth behind the best-selling adventure narrative The Long Walk.


The Yeti establishes the fact beyond all doubt that the book is fiction, and fiction not very well done. A few years ago, it came out that it was impossible for this to have been the true story of the author since he was released from the gulag in to a refugee camp in Iran rather than escaping to India in Rawicz remem- bered no telegraph poles: It’s about a man whose first life the long walk slavomir rawicz stolen by the Communists.

Funny enough, I listened to this just after I took up walking around my neighborhood.

Adventure story From being tortured by the communists, surviving prison camp in Siberia, and then escaping with rawjcz prisoners who walked from Siberia through Tibet and onto India, this was an incredible story. A heart attack forced him into early retirement in Their two sons, three daughters, 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren survive him.