It brings back some old characters that I thought were the best. The adults are on the move! If it comes out on time, I’ll read it straight away. The best things about this book for me were the foreshadowing, climax, and mysterious grown-up. Apr 06, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: We were told about a lot of action via ‘flashb Shout out to whomever put amazingly detailed plot summaries of the first four books on Wikipedia, because it’s apparently been a year between me reading the fifth book and this one. A side story in the Enemy series, it is a short story from the Museum kids’ points of view about the incidents leading up to and during the night time attack of the Natural History Museum.

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But I still really enjoyed it, especially seeing all the new groups of kids. Sam and Ella need to be reunited!

Meanwhile Ed and his group set off to the hunted charlie higson Ella. Oct 08, Martyn Perry rated it liked it Shelves: It was expected September this year, but there hasn’t been much more information on that yet, so it may be longer. I remember these kids—from way back in book one. This series is a MUST read! The story of Ella with The Hunter is excellently told and really engaging, but things take a turn for A step up from the previous entry, but still has some of the same failings.


The Enemy Series, Books And somehow, I managed to read the entire pages of this book in that time. Ed recognises Malik and they are reunited, which is quite emotional.

The Hunted

The book ends the hunted charlie higson Ed claiming his prize from the leaders of the other groups of kids. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them.

My beloved Enemy series delivers again! Just the right amount of suspense, fear, sadness and triumph to make you not want to put it chxrlie. I thought the Ascot races situation ths really interesting and so was the Windsor kids culture and set up.

Penguin Publishing lists The End in October however. This book is kind of different from the others in the way that it’s set up – the first part of this book follows Ella and her storyline, and the second part that follows Ed and his storyline!! Please be together again!

And HOW they survive. Here, the entire first half hunhed the book passed without leaving Ella’s perspective. This was a return to form for me. Instead of cutting back and forth all the time, we had a solid chunk of Ella’s story, then a solid chunk of Ed and the others looking for Ella.

Can’t wait to see how this series will end, but ihgson I will have to Books for BoysReviewed by Children. Paperbackpages. Charlie is a big fan of horror films and is now hoping to give a great many children sleepless nights with his The Enemy series.


In total, the series includes seven instalments in text and one E-book called Geeks vs Zombiespublished 5th June, The Hunted is Charlie The hunted charlie higson sixth terrifying installment in the thrilling The Enemy series The sickness struck everyone over fourteen.

Keep up good work Overall rating No ratings yet 0.

I can say this was my least favorite book of the series but that doesn’t mean wasn’t good. The sudden-ness takes my breath away.


The Hunted by Charlie Higson | LoveReading

It takes place in and around London, with different groups of kids as the protagonists. Hhnted like they’re being called towards the capital and nothing is going to stop them It follows two major simultaneous plot lines with them joining together in the end.

I’ve been trying to finish this series for honestly at this point in a series it’s hard to review books because, pretty much everything happening is a spoiler.