For USB connection debugging I highly recommend these: Opportunities for recent engineering grads. Unable to complete the action because of changes made to the page. Why did you actively destroy a company that made products that make your operating system tolerable? Even Microsoft’s own Portmon does not work. Policy Contacts User Agreement Uninstall. I have found a few third party solutions but they are not only expensive but dont do as nice a job as port mon does.

sysinternals portmon windows 7 x64

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This allows you to check specific reactions of monitored devices. Improving the question-asking experience. Serial Port Monitor The functionality of this utility is similar to that of Portmon — it enables you to monitor, display, record and analyze data exchanged between your system ports and devices connected to them.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Start portmon by invoking portmon. This solution allows use of any software or hardware as long as the data flows through a physical port.


Peter Mortensen 8, 16 16 gold badges 62 62 silver badges 85 85 bronze badges. Optional colors for timestamp, number of bytes transmitted, and normal output.

sysinternals portmon windows 7 x64

If you run Portmon in compatibility mode, it will work. The above is a public explanation from Microsoft for a common situation when running older applications in Windows.

Portmon Alternative Software – Eltima Serial Port Monitor

Running as a regular use gets me error 6. By the way this is a Windows 7 x Sign up using Email and Password. You all know that you can run it in compatability mode, right?

If specified, this port will be used instead of a pty, thus providing an ability to log data between two serial ports.

sysinternals portmon windows 7 x64

MathWorks Support Team view profile. It seems to be an incompatibility with Windows 7 x In reply to scottyhuff’s post on October 5, RobDavis0xC Replied on August 8, I would like to use a serial port monitor to determine the precise bits that are sent to my device so that I can ensure I have configured my MATLAB serial port object correctly.


Portmon equivalent for Win 7 64 bit – Microsoft Community

The Knoppix distribution seems to contain both those programs. Select a Web Site Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers.

There’s also this question on winndows alternatives that mentions a couple of projects. Sorry this didn’t help. What Serial Port Monitor has to offer you: Opportunities for recent engineering grads.

Portmon – I forgot about you!

It’s here in the future; and still not updates. Desired baudrate optional, defaults to baud. Georgeous 2 Replied on February 28, In reply to DomSexy’s post on May 17, With Serial Port Monitor you sysintenrals be able to monitor and analyze serial port data.

sysinternals portmon windows 7 x64

PortMon is the only way to check it. Dom Dom 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. Sign in to answer this question.