In this case, StatAssist displays the mean mode value. Even though it has initially been designed as an essential part of EasyFit, StatAssist can be used as a separate application — for example, to take a quick look at a distribution curve or to calculate the distribution statistics. For each of the intervals, StatAssist calculates the probability that the variate takes on a value from that interval. Orange County Web design. StatAssist also enables you to be fast in choosing a probability distribution of interest, highlight and ascertain different values and aid you in creating probability density graphs. Note that P must be in the range of [0, 1] since it represents probability. The location parameter of the most non-negative continuous distributions is not displayed on the chart legend if it equals zero.

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Similarly, if you have no sample statassist available, but would like to see the graphs of a specific distribution or use it to statassist some calculations when running Excel, you can launch StatAssist by selecting EasyFitXL StatAssist from the main menu of Excel. Plus, the program also includes a precise random number producer, a gallery of visual statistics and statassist statistical documentation, which can be done online.

X values automatically so that the graphs look well for any valid set of distribution parameters. Even statassist it has initially been designed as an essential part of EasyFit, StatAssist can be used as statassist separate application — for example, to take a quick look at a distribution curve or to calculate the distribution statistics. These surveys most commonly measure opinions, satisfaction, attitudes, and degree of engagement of customers and employees.


The icons are intended for copying the corresponding Excel worksheet functions to the Clipboard. Affiliate Whiz by Freshwater Aquarium.

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Type your search here:. Software similar to StatAssist:. StatAssist gives you more than a window into your current operations. Statazsist See all 2 programs. The new version of EasyFit also lets you launch StatAssist right from your desktop and use it separately from EasyFit:. Use the Parameters pane to specify the statassist parameters, and click Statassist or press Enter.


The application is statassist to save you time and reduce computation errors. MathWave Technologies Download count: Graph The Graph page displays one of the following statassist graphs: The use of software downloaded from this site should comply with the laws in your country.

For instance, if you select the standard Normal distribution and click the icon near the Mean field, ststassist following text will be copied: The StatAssist supports calculative properties like max, min, variance, mode, standard deviation, coef statassist variation, skewness, and kurtosis. If you have suggestions or comments, contact us. For continuous distributions, you can also calculate the inverse CDF also known as stataswist quantile function, or the percent point functionx Pat some statassust P.

The StatAssist program will help you view simplified graphs pertaining to all your probability calculation and distributions.

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Once the distributions are fitted and you select the best fitting model, you can use Statassist to obtain specific information about the random process you are dealing with, and apply that information wtatassist make appropriate business decisions. As a result, StatAssist will update the associated results. Whether your company is large, medium or small our intelligent services can make you smarter.


Statassist are happy to recommend you programs like StatAssist that other users statassist. Note that P must be in stataszist range of [0, 1] since it represents probability.

This can be useful if you have no sample data available, but have an idea on what distribution you need. Free trial File size: Since then, StatAssist has proven statassist be quite a useful feature, so we decided to include it into Statassistour distribution fitting add-in for Excel.

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StatAssist is not limited to only displaying the fitted distributions: After the distributions are fitted to statassist data, to explore the properties of a particular distribution, right click on statassist name, and select StatAssist:.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, corporate executives value obtaining business research information from an employee survey or customer satisfaction survey. You can also specify the bounds manually. In this case, StatAssist displays the statassist mode value.

How to fit distributions in Excel Help on StatAssist. Using StatAssist With Excel.