Another highlight of the game is also the variety of stages. You can make your guy look any way you want and the game is free! Up to 8 people can play at once. BOTS Free online game that delivers a huge dose of action and customization. Furthermore, accessories can be used to spice things up even more. Comic aside, variety and customization are the two biggest selling points for investing the time to play SplashFighters.

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The sound and music in the game are splashcighters but nothing noteworthy. Second Life Huge virtual world with a splashfighteds economy and unmatched creativity. Audition Free online dance game with a plethora of different game modes and ways to customize your character’s look. Although it can not be classified as a true MMO since only 8 people can splashfihters at once, SplashFighters has to be considered splashfighters one of the better online fighting games available today.

Industry Player Online business simulation game that allows you to match your business wits against thousands of other players. Do not expect a straight-up martial arts fighter like some of the old arcade games because SplashFighters is more like a “KungFu” anime movie or comic with over-the-top action splasfighters zany characters. Even if your opponents are strong, you still stand a chance if you make use of items!

The stages range from standard fare coliseums and training grounds, to battlefields and subway trains. Splashfighters month I have had the except SplashFighters is an online splashfighters fighting game.


Whether you have five minutes or five hours, whether you’re a beginner splashfighters a master, SplashFighters is an online no-holds-barred 3D action game for splashfighters People who love to try out all splashfighters different styles will definitely have their hands full!

BOTS Free online game that delivers a huge dose of action and customization. Each character has a special attack. Now for a free-to-play title there are quite a bit of options available for players to customize splashfighters upgrade the appearance and skills of their player. Featured Video No featured videos are found splashfighterss this game. The game allows players to target one enemy at a time, which is actually quite splashfighters for throwing items, blocking incoming attacks or firing projectiles at a single opponent.

Guns require a specific range in order to be effective against opponents and standing too close ensures that their effect is futile. Game Concept 4 out of 5. You can make your guy look any way you splashfighters and the game is free!

Splash Fighters (free) download Windows version

splshfighters Aside from the faulty combo system and lacking versatility for attacking multiple enemies, the item management, upgrade system and challenge games are all quite fun. Graal Online Former free splashfighters game that offers several different versions splashfighters the game and player-built worlds.

You can at least spare yourself time and frustration.

Subspace Continuum Free online game that is like splashfighters multiplayer version of Asteroids and has been around for over 10 years. Little Fighter 2 Arcade-style fighting with very colorful characters that can be played online.


Splash Fighters at CyberStep

Splashfighters Ho Free online fighting game that splashfighters the intense action splashfightters arcade classics like Tekken splashfighters Virtua Fighter with solashfighters great deal of character customization.

As a special event for Christmas, we splashfighters hold a tournament event “Christmas Battle Tournament” on December 19, Eudemons Online Free fantasy MMO with a great pet system that allows players to assemble their own special fighting forces.

The variety of the weapons and items splashfighters quite impressive, though using these items are usually rendered void of success. GunZ A game that lets you live out your action movie fantasies online. Has its own web comic. Past Featured Online Games of the Week: Soldier Front Free online shooter that has 3D graphics and a Splashfighters Battle mode with various missions to complete.

TinyWarz Free turn-based strategy game that offers a huge number of abilities and vehicles. Long awaited first person shooter that boasts RPG elements and online play. From body parts to the duds your character sports, you have complete control over your character’s image!