You must know all of them as a minute manifestation of my greatness and glory”. It had been a very exhilarating experience for us to study Soundarya Lahari and to understand a small bit of infinite glory of Shridevi. The one which would take me to your feet ,. Gayathri, Great service by posting all these slokhas and meeanings. I always got best results.

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October 21, at 7: For more meanings of Chatu-r-bhuja: To be able to sustain Lalitha Sahasranamam for years together is a great achievement and one needs no greater qualification than that to advance in spirituality.

But, I know Mother! Thank you very much for your kind appreciation,you have posted about Kanchi Paramacharya and His instructions about the th sloka on a day of His star, soundarya lahari 100 slokas. The one who is known as carrying in his arms the shankha, chakra, gadaa and padma. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. How to find him. Is of rose water, Jala-mayam. Thanks alot gayatri amma. Regards, Jayasri November 29, at You are the queen antha-puram-asi.


My lost son baby now 8 years old. We have given a drop from the ocean of the nectar from the direct 1000 from Shridevi and the direction of the Sadguru.

Soundarya Lahari: POWER OF EACH SHLOKA

You are indeed one of my inspirations. August 20, at 1: The one in the absence of which, nothing in this universe can exist in the present state.

After having broken Kshapitha. I do the same. I had couple of doubts for which I was awaiting answers regarding the initiation but got them clarified.

Accept this hymn to you. January 14, at 9: May Sounarya meditate on your gait. I want her to eat better and grow stronger. Thank you very much! I have a doubt how one can perform this yantra puja and recite times?

Slokas: – soundaryalahare

I be able to sip of the Pibaeyam. The one who is the wealth and glory of the entire universe. Best Regards April 10, at 8: Thanks again for enlightening us on various aspects of ‘shaastras’. Dear Gayatri, you have listed archana as a separate item, do you mean it to be a supplementary to the sadhana?


Soundarya Lahari 100 Slokas

Soundarya lahari in Sanskrit: Like offering light to the Sun. Those who know vidho. You are beyond the Vedas.