Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. I doubt that’s possible at the moment. Well here it is for whoever needs it: Dec Nice of you to join the party Duke, I’ve been using this emulator for almost two years now: You can use the free version of Gamebooster to update your drivers. Mar Yeah there is some slowdowns even though I have a good PC but I was expecting this since I have read about it.

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I saw Duodecim running at full speed on youtube. Well here it is for whoever needs it: Threaded Mode Linear Mode. They have a lot more people that work on the Java version than the C version.

JPCSP – Emulation General Wiki

Why the hell would you code this in Java?! I know what it means. Good start and look forward to more sonicstage jpcsp updates or sonicstqge least seeing a thread for this to see how and when it takes shape.


Jun 9, 51, 1, www.

Youtube some vids to see how well they run. They probably look like the shot in the OP when you get close enough. Except for minor minor graphical issues it’s like sonicstage jpcsp Duke says: Its a nice thing that they are still working on this project.

JPCSP – Excellent PSP emulation, support improving all the time! |PICS|

Notify me of new posts via email. It’s still sonicstage jpcsp as efficient or bugfree as PCSX2 but because PSP games are so much less taxing on your computer it doesn’t matter as much. Messing around with the options, I’ve gotten it to where neither has any noticeable slowdowns; you should investigate them yourself too. You are commenting using your WordPress.

JPCSP emulator tutorial – ☆ A Starry Sky ☆

Aug sonicstage jpcsp, 20, 2, In a cave outside of Whooville. LamerDeluxe Member Sep 22, I’ve always wondered when PSP emulation would start to take off. I love to help out. Luigiv Member Sep 22, Sep 2, 10, 0 0. Yeah, the only thing wrong is its in Java.


Is Crisis Core playable from beginning to end? Nov 18, 1, 0 0 Netherlands.

Notify me of new comments via email. Games that are playable: Website Find Reply Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Still very slow in many games, some games don’t start up yet, graphical corruption, etc.

I have a PSP that isn’t hacked and sonicstage jpcsp very recent firmware though not the latest.

JPCSP Tutorial

I major in Android and 3D animation. I might actually finish some PSP games this way! Dec 7, jpcep, 1 0 www. Sep 10, 18, 0 0.