Which features make it unique? Now you can download the favourites. Support for Anysee E7 series with CI. How to put 5. So, according to the download; who determined that the file is shared. To change the shader via script you can change the value to a valid shader name and call the Lastshader action. Terratec Home Cinema are no longer supported

softcsa 3.0

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Latest Version of DVB Viewer [Archive] – Satlover Forums

Changing this value might help if channel changes are very slow. Support for HEVC video.

softcsa 3.0

Added support for Qbox 3 devices. The default name scheme for recording is now: If selected the EPG, channel, timer, favorites lists etc. Christian fixed some bugs in recordings of streaming content. This should result in a more accurate detection than before.

softcsa – DVB Emulator Cam’s

Context sensitive help function for the different editor pages. Drag and drop of playlists onto the DVBViewer icon didn’t work. The list on the left shows the available reception types depending on the available tuner types.


If two or more equivalent free devices in the hardware list were set to “Preferred” DVBViewer selected the last instead the first one. Support for Anysee E7 3. with CI. If I can find someone with membership, I will add it to the forum. The command sets the start transponder resp. Reworked the screen shot routines. Resizing by dragging the lower right corner and holding the shift key sofftcsa keeps the aspect ratio of the video display area.

Problems with auto retune fixed. Please help exmax The German URLs are taken from the language file.

softcsa 3.0

DVBViewer now always writes an extended recording log. We use crack files: If you have the intel platform, so it works, but I have a AMD!

Fix for wrong aspect ratio when zooming woftcsa the custom renderer. The default is “Stop”. Satelliterly is a hobby. Simplified the hardware selection in the wizard. The images are now forced to keep the aspect ratio. If you close the wizard with “Finish” the following things happen: The translation didn’t softsca correctly, if started in GUI Skin mode.


emubox-plugin – CCcam working with DVB-S card

A new Playback Menu was added. ATSC transmissions can have up to 4 channels which are now detected properly. Is there a ssoftcsa But also for me, there are viruses. To change the shader via script you can change the value to a valid shader name and call the Lastshader action. Closed captioning is the process of .30 text on a television, video screen or other visual display to provide additional or interpretive information to individuals who wish to access it.