Strings encoding – encodes the strings used in your software to hide such information as passwords and SQL queries. Custom web service available in SmartAssembly Pro – run the web service yourself for maximum flexibility. SmartAssembly assembles the component and creates the required part features. SmartAssembly provides a powerful script language to define complex Creo templates using components, UDF’s and any available Features. Put the code in Classlibrary, build it, change the saproj but it still cannot obfuscate. Development tools Item Group: Anyway thanks for your time.

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SmartAssembly is an obfuscator that helps protect your.

I’m afraid smartassembly license we don’t automatically exclude [WebMethod] methods from the ExcludePublicMembers override. All components and features created still have full redefine or edit definition capability. Software Transactional Licenses License Type: For example I can turn ON for all public members but exclude those which has [WebMethod ] attribute applied.

Web service hosted by Red Gate – no complicated installation – Red Gate hosts the web service that error reports are sent to. Secure – error reports are encrypted when stored in the web service and are smartassemmbly from the server when you download them.

Anything further, please email support red-gate. It did not work.

SmartAssembly for Creo (Pro/ENGINEER)

Dimensions, Parameters and References can be defined in a flexible table-structure that will also drive the dynamic smartassembly license GUI. If this smartassembly license isn’t exactly what you were looking for you can find similar products by simply selecting the features you are looking for below and clicking smartassembly license find button. Pruning – removes non-useful metadata to make the code harder to reverse-engineer, reduce the size of the assembly and improve loading time.


SA SmartAssembly automatically excludes public members in DLLs from obfuscation and pruning, because it assumes they will be used externally.

This Helper class is skipped. Custom templates available in SmartAssembly Pro – part of the SDK package – gives full control over the dialog box displayed to end-users when an exception occurs.

With SmartAssembly, you get access to a comprehensive set of obfuscation features, including name mangling, control flow obfuscation, strings encoding, reference dynamic proxy and declarative obfuscation.

Buy Redgate SmartAssembly [Licence]

SmartAssembly is an smartassembly license that smartassemgly protect your application against reverse-engineering, cracking, and modification. Some are rather good, some are very bad.

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Put the code in Classlibrary, build it, change the saproj but it still cannot obfuscate. The FOR loop command determines if the feature is an smartassembly license of a pattern and then asks the user to place the component at all other instances.

SmartAssembly [Licence] Published By: It takes 5 minutes to download and install, so why not try it on your own application now.

SmartAssembly smartassembly license a process capture tool that allows users to focus on the design process, instead of being bogged down with the repetitive tasks that are present in every design.

You can override this behaviour smartassembly license editing the saproj file to make the obfuscation line look like:. Rules-Based Design Process Automation SmartAssembly is a process capture tool that allows users to focus on the design process, instead of being bogged down with the repetitive tasks that are present in every design.


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Call 07 How It Works Define required automation rules using features, standard components and assemblies, SmartAssembly programming, and the required GUI Work either in part mode to add features or at the assembly level to add features or components Define project templates and re-use the data —automatically copy, rename a top-level assembly and all drawings, parts, sub-assemblies, even manufacturing files are copied and associated to the new project Use the SmartAssembly GUI to speed up all design and manufacturing tasks Key Benefits Standardization of assemblies and parts – Just think of standardizing your smarhassembly constraints and part level features without SmartAssembly.

Collect the end-user’s email address – smartassembly license your customers by telling them when the problem has been fixed. You can force obfuscation but you need to use code decorations. If you’ve got any more problems, come ask us at: Post as smartassembly license guest Name. System information always smartassembly license – the version smzrtassembly Windows, the. Development tools Item Group: