After a gross incident of gang rape alluding to the Nirbhaya case , Ram is left feeling devastated at his incompetency as the chief of police. There are points where the creative brilliance shines bright. Refresh and try again. As the name of first instalment of Series , Scion Of Ikshvaku , suggest , the plot revolves around Ram belongs to the Ikshvaku scion. I really liked the book. From all , I found most amazing is the hilarious Laxman , when he was kid who keeps lisping and is loyal to his elder brother Ram.

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A prince they tried to break. Jun 29, Raksha Bhat rated it it was ok. Just like Shiva from Meluha, Rama is also shown as a mere human. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Scion of Ikshvaku then comes across as nothing but insult to both mythology and literature. Just like The Shiva Trilogy, he has tried to scientifically rationalize a mythological story.

Next thing you know the King loves Ram for saving his life in a singular hunting expedition. Reading new versions of an epic like Ramayana just adds to our experience and knowledge of how different people understand and imagine it.


And wait- that is not all; the queen had to be waiting on battle side just because Kayikie gotta save Dashrath. But it says a lot about how much we suck.

Problems associated with the book are the story of the Yadus and Dwarka used throughout the book many times. Was this really necessary? He got encouraged and wrote Meluha series. Other books in the series.

Well like Shiva Trilogy the story is not plain Ramayana. The author jots down minute details about the skills of Ijshvaku or the muscular movement in swordsmanship. Kinda-sorta okayish book I’d say. Jun 22, Piyush rated it really liked it. The chaos among people, the rise of crime, poverty, reducing control of the monarch, all these finds only some oblique reference while the author chose to show the King instead of the kingdom as weak and degenerating.

The success of his debut book, The Immortals of Meluha Book 1 of the Shiva Trilogyencouraged him to give up a fourteen-year-old career in financial services to scion of ikshvaku ebook on writing. He stands alone for the law. And then into a God. In my novel, he scion of ikshvaku ebook be gay – to hide ikkshvaku fact, he marries multiple women.


The perfect empire where Dharma and Honours prevailed over all. This is such a beautiful book that I was disappointed it ended so soon. Jun 07, Arunita rated it it was ok.

Amish Tripathi Books

A prince called Ram. Dashratha was the supreme leader of Bharatvarsha. The central theme of the story was the internal conflict Ram faced as a to-be-ruler of the Sapt-Sindhu Empire.

The way Amrish has shown male and female nature of society and its ruling is fundamental and realistic.

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Open Preview See a Problem? At places I felt the imagination was going over the board. He is huge, he doesn’t know his own strength, is extremely lovable and just wants to play. Bharath when his is not fooling around with girls has some strong opinions about how to run a kingdom.

I am sure anybody who reads this will fall in love with her characterization.