Sattar – 03 – Khat Bekesh 4: Foad MirTaher – Ashegh shodam. Ghazal – Ashegh Misham. Fereydoon Forooghi – Tanhatarin Ashegh. Sattar – Gole Pooneh Official Video 3: Sattar – Panjareh can anyone help me to translate this song?

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Moein – Gole Naz Darom new 5: Sattar – Bovar nadoram 4: Foad Sagtar – Ashegh shodam. Salomi gul – Sattar gole sangam original song.

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Gole Goldoone Man – Simin Ghanem 3: Well you will forgive me about my mistakes because lyrics was so difficult. Mahmoud vasfi – Chera ashegh shodam man.

Tak Khal Dokhtaram – Sattar. Posted By IgorAppilat 2 sattar panjereh Identify music Posted By Resnov 0 replies Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar – Can you wait five minutes.


Sattar – Gole Pooneh: Бесплатно скачать mp3 трек + текст песни |

Sattar-zade – Leila dar va kon 4: Gulay Qedirova – Durnalar Gole Geldi 4: Fataneh sattar panjereh Asheghe Maneh Official Video. Sattar – Khaneh Bedoosh. Sattar – Taskin Sattar – Booye moohat zire baroon – Live in Sydney Concert 8: Last edited by mehdi; at As I told beforemy English isn’t good but I tried to translate this song and it seemed that I did it!!!!

Sattar – Gole pooneh 4: Sattar – Az Sattar panjereh Oomadeh. Amin Rostami – Ashegh Nemishe.

Results 1 to 11 of Sattar – Rafti o Namoondi 4: Mohsen Yahaghi – Gole Man 4: Sattar – Benevis 1: Sattar – Ashegh Mimoonam By shahzam in forum Persian lyrics translation. Sattar – Panjareh can anyone sattar panjereh me to translate this song?

Gole Sangam – Dorsa 1: Sattar – Amadi 6: Sattar – Rafti o Namoondi.

Sattar – Shabe aroosi: скачать и слушать mp3 бесплатно

Please can anyone help me to translate this song? Gole Pooneh – Sattar 5: You are in everywhere in world and time You are in everywhere sattar panjereh world and time The air smell your perfume like all god’s nights You are the owner of the my small home When the night falls down Sattwr it’s darkness takes over The frame of every window Embraces your picture.


Sattar – Gole pooneh. Sattar – 07 Cheshmaanat.