Raw download clone embed report print text The latter then entered into an alliance with Epidamnus and went to the assistance of the Issii and of the Epidamnians, who were besieged by the Illyrians. How the Romans subjugated them, and what exactly were the causes and pretext of the wars, I acknowledged, when writing of Crete, that I had not discovered, and I exhorted those who were able to tell more, to do so. Gomshodei dar roya [ faridsoghrati. Considering his African elephants of no use, being few in number and of small size, as those of Africa usually are and the small ones are afraid of the larger , he placed them all in the rear. So much by way of preface concerning the peoples whom the Greeks called Illyrians.

romane ta tahe donya

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As none of them came in he devastated 8q VOL. The two ships being immovable the contest between the crews became like a land rlmane. From “The Embassies” When Marius arrived at Cirta messengers came to him from Bocchus asking that he would send some- body to hold a conference with him. When they agreed to do so he sent a detachment of his army into each town appointing the same day for all the commanding officers to act, and ordering them to make proclamation at day- break in each that the inhabitants should bring their money into the market-place within three hours, and when they had done so to plunder what re- mained.

Fifteen days later I overthrew Perseus and conquered Macedonia. Ketabe jame sms 2. Marym Heydr Zade 2.


These were placed in the centre, divided into ten sections of men each, with fifty men in the front line of each section and thirty-two deep. To Philip, at return for his services as an ally, they sent his son Demetrius, who was still a hostage in their hands.

Roman book Elahe Sharghi [ faridsoghrati. When Augustus had made himself master of ohap. Download romane ta tahe donya.

romane ta tahe donya

Bank Jok O Sms v [ faridsoghrati. He was fore- most in the encounter and the first to fall, fighting bravely. Everything had turned out contrary to his expectations.

romane ta tahe donya

The latter was perplexed eomane again changed his mind. Of the Roman dead there ts found chap. Philip, the master of the elephants, donys the phalanx, and Mendis and Zeuxis those who were to begin the battle. Cool PDF Reader [ faridsoghrati. There were also other mounted archers from the Dahae, Mysia, Elymais, and Arabia, who, riding on swift camels, shoot tshe with dexterity from their high position, and use very long thin knives when they come to close combat.

Thus the Segestani, after enduring all the Capture of evils of a siege, were taken by force on the thirtieth the Clty day, and then for the first time tqhe began to suppli- cate.

And now the Dalmatians, op- pressed by hunger and cut off from foreign supplies, met him on the road and delivered themselves 11 p with supplications, giving of their children as hostages, as Augustus demanded, and also the Roman standards taken from Gabinius.

Jpg Dec- But the inhabitants of Smyrna and Lampsacus, and some others who still resisted, sent ambassadors to Flamininus, the Roman general, who had lately overthrown Philip the Macedonian in a great battle in Thessaly ; for the affairs of the Macedonians and of the Greeks were closely linked together at certain times and places, as I have shown in my Grecian history. After the departure of Livius, Pausimachus Roman trained his sailors by repeated exercises, and con- turedby structed machines of various kinds.


Tarfand registeri book java [ faridsoghrati. He mopylae received their onset bravely, first yielding and then advancing, and drove them back.

Full text of “L Appian Roman History II: 12”

Cheshmhaei berange assal- [faridsoghrati. This was the end of the war between Antiochus the Great and the Romans, eomane some thought that it was by reason of the favour extended by Antiocuis to Scipio’s son that it went no farther. A collection of modern and medieval names from Europe and the Near East. Travrjyvpecos fieri fieXev hi: Mingled with all these were light-armed troops and bowmen, and around Domitius himself were four troops of horse.

In romnae meantime Antiochus ordered the army to march in haste from the satrapies of upper Asia to the sea, and fitted out a fleet which he put under the command of Polyxenidas, an exile from Rhodes. Until the Senate ratifies these conditions there shall be an armistice of four months.

From these tribes he exacted the tributes they had been failing to pay.