Obviously, musical talent runs deep in the Iommi clan. It took years before I realised the meaning of “Narita”. However, the music interested me more than the incomprehensible cover. Shine on, Guy Speranza, and thank you for your part in making three exceptional Riot albums. The first is an instrumental track that features the faster and more melodic riffing of the entire work, accompanied by a strong rhythm section and fast soloing.

riot narita album

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A German metal magazine made the bold statement that the title track of “Fire Down Under”, the successor album of “Narita”, was their first speed metal song.

And let us not forget that they delivered strong and diversified guitar solos. The other important moment is found in the before mentioned “Hot For Love”. That man was radio DJ Neal Kay, who raved about their virile sound and essentially convinced Riot to give it another shot. Just make sure the kids are tucked in… “Road racin’ Movin’ on down apbum line Shiftin’ gears, Face into space And time Move so fast I can’t explain Hands on the wheel I’m on the road again Baby all the time To my lovin’ machine Baby, radio’s blastin’ Rockin’ all night Rollin’ down the highway Through the dead of night Road racin’!

However, the music interested me more than the incomprehensible cover.

Shine on, Guy Speranza, and thank you for your part in making three exceptional Riot albums. Sabrutin September 6th Comments. The speedy chug-happy mania of the first album is toned down somewhat for Narita. Sabrutin March 18th Comments. Next to the mindbendingly acrobatic instrumental of a title track, the highlights are the anthemic ’49er’, and the speed metal menace of ‘Road Racin”. apbum


WTF: Riot Narita Album Cover | TURNTABLING

Mark Reale is very underrated. Sabrutin February 1st Comments. The result is another intense moment that will leave the unaware listener silent during the first listen. Unlike the sound those who know this band are probably more familiar with, this album is essentially cut more from the Progressive Hard Rock mold than the Heavy Metal approach first pioneered by Black Sabbath.

riot narita album

Again, thanks to Steve Loeb, the band would have been soon brought to the studio rio to register new music. Well, the cover looked ugly. The riffs, the up-tempo drumming, the guitar lines – honestly, from my point of view, this song appeared as a harbinger of the following speed metal explosion.

riot narita album

On 6 Music Lists. What I believe helped its overall sales was being released right off the bat across a pretty vast and comprehensive market, from Argentina, Italy and Germany to the usual larger arenas. This was probably caused by a change in the band’s line-up.

Riot V – Narita – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

And it took another couple of years naruta I understood that the creature on the cover wears the sexy loincloth of a sumo wrestler. The songs tend to mostly be middle to upper mid tempo with a lot of blues and hard rock hooks. Riot mastered them all in a very presentable form and almost each and every song had the necessary dose of energy, heaviness and liveliness.


Cellar Darling – The Spell. Jimmy Iommi Tony’s brother!

Friday13th September 7th Comments. The only thing missing was the professional vocal performance of Guy Speranza R.

riot narita album

Just listen, for example, to the rapid instrumental title track. And however, this business intention seemed not to be the main thought of band leader Mark Reale R.

Kouvaris this time around. Narita in fact reaches albmu times an enviable intensity and speed in its playing. Narita presents itself as a louder version of Rock City.


What’s important is how Riot was given a new lease on life with this album, and how they needed to strike again while the iron was hot. What at first seems another common party song changes direction towards the end, pressing the accelerator for a surprising conclusion: I nnarita mind “49er”, with its California gold rush tales of foolery and greed, but I do have a slight issue with Riot’s choice of a cover song, the Steppenwolf classic, “Born To Be Nadita.

At a time when heavy metal was more of an abstract concept than a type of music, Riot flew the flag for longhaired volume-obsessed degenerates looking for something heavier than Nugent or Kiss.