He sent me “Stay Awhile,” plus a couple other tracks. When you have familial connections to both Diddy and Al B. Quincy, I know you’re a fan of the ’90s era of music too. If you just want to let your hair down As far as growing up in front of people eyes, it’s a responsibility of course, especially being a young person. The funny thing is me and him were both rapping at the time. Oh man, my musical influences are straight up the ’90s and everything before that.

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And meeting people back in the day. The music today is fun. Why were you both apprehensive to showcase that you could sing? With titles such as producer, photographer, director, singer, model, actor, philanthropist and co-founder of his own production company, FourXample ProductionsQuincy continues to evolve into an unstoppable force by pursuing each and every passion and aiming for nothing less than success at the finish line.

Immediately we got together and started fine-tuning everything. Now Quincy, quincy ft kendre stay awhile, and Kendre, 21, are joining creative forces in the studio, producing material and laying the groundwork for projects to come.


Sure, chances are a music career isn’t a far-fetched dream. I want to think this way. Maybe an album in a year but I don’t want to tell y’all nothing then I don’t produce anything. Blige and the Notorious B. It’s like that in our careers as well.

Quincy ft. Kendre “Stay Awhile” Official Music Video

It’s something that definitely wasn’t given to me. Biggie, I had a chance to be in the studio with him. I’m sure me and Quincy both get people sending us beats all day long. Us being both in L. Everything is just comes in a big circle. It’s a responsibility but it’s fun to me.

kendre on Tumblr

You have to be in a certain mindset, you have to be aware, be on your Ps and Qs at all times ’cause you have people watching you, people looking up to you, people who may want to work with you depending on how you make yourself look. At just years young, Quincy Brown is a mini-mogul himself. Whether people know it or not, them dudes are gonna be legends, I promise you that.

So what are some of kendge musical influences?

Stay Awhile ft Kendre lyrics

Kendre, on the other hand, was a childhood actor, honing his skills playing Jabari Wilkes on the hit TV series quincy ft kendre stay awhile. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The team is what it is and it’s gonna be like that forever. I’m grateful that we were in those situations so where it’s not a shock to us now ’cause that would be a whole other process. Definitely I believe we’re gonna create something new. Actually me being in the beginning stages of being an artist, I’m just getting my material out there.


We got together and kinda shared stories and was like why don’t we just get together and sing, put the rap thing to the side. If I had bad grades, I wasn’t getting that game I wanted. I fell in love with the track. The funny thing is me and him were both rapping at the time. It’s kinda the same response we were getting on both ends. It’s not like we’re new to the scene and kinda have to learn to respond to the public attention.