Its the problem with all the shows who went on hiatus for a few months. I’m confused about the show’s timeline. Can I please point out here how adorable Caleb is — especially when he was trying to be undercover in the restaurant! Is it possible that my wish was granted and Ryan was killed? So far no Ryan Booth and no Caleb. You know, this whole episode doesn’t make any sense to me.

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Quantico S01E12

Simon just huffs and puffs all episode — Quantico s01e12 am not sure what he has to be so angry about. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Did I quantuco that right? Anyone else notice how trees changed from green leaves to bare? You are commenting using your S01e112 account. I was so distracted by the terrible acting.

Was the girl who plays Shelby always that awful of an actress? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Quantico S01E12 – video dailymotion

Or was it already resolved? The only reason the bombing plans existed in the very first place were because he wanted to shake up the FBI. Closed captioning was a must for this episode. There was an amber alert update child is safe at the end of the episode that interrupted the phone call at the meet up.


So when quantico s01e12 was like, “You’re not my type,” I was like, “Liar. I think my broadcast quantico s01e12 early The show is simply too addictive!

Hopefully she’ll realize it’s him or at least put him in the suspects list. They really did need an ego check. Oh i don’t mind shitty tv shows. One of the hackers from the hacktivist group, ‘The Unknown’.

Literally everyone keeps calling her insane and delusional for believing that Elias didn’t act alone, so after constantly making her doubt herself and literally calling her insane they finally convinced her to change her statement, and now they’re mad at her for lying!!?!

But quantico s01e12 started quantico s01e12 as loyalty to a fellow Indian became much more! They probably recorded practically everyone so that we couldn’t figure it out based on the audio. The classmate angle can easily be finished with Alex being framed by Elias, that was her former classmate and he was the one that framed her. Episode was very nice but a couple of problem 1 Whatever Alex says people are mad on her?

I couldn’t understand the complete dialogue due to the garbled audio but thanks for providing a transcript of the phone conversation. So the real terrorist called and said Alex was the only one was right?


quantico s01e12 Season 1 Episode Like they took a month off of filming. And I can rewind and watch multiple times on my TV. I don’t think so. I hate that they were all against her again, I get the Shelby aspect, but everyone else should ahve learned by now that Alex is always right, and she wasn’t alone with Elias in that room, so why is she the only one to believe him?

Quantico s01e12 Harper was one of the analysts at Quantico — the one who was super suspicious about Simon — and during the midseason finale, he confessed to planting the bomb but said he did not act alone, before he jumped out of a hotel window.

They really needed like a good recap for 3 min in beginning of episode.

Quantico S01E12 – Alex – video dailymotion

You are commenting using your Facebook account. What we are capable of. She seemed the most level headed in the present day story — she reasoned with Alex, she welcomed her back.