Several examples of py2app setup. So, unless you need to change the setup. Make the application bundle standalone Since a typical Python application may have C library dependencies, such as the Python interpreter itself, wxWidgets, etc. This may change in the future, but it is currently in source form and is not obfuscated in any way other than its location. Currently, the best description for the preferred development model when doing py2app based development lives in the PyObjC tutorial. If for some reason you need it to look somewhere else, simply modify your setup. It contains several small feature and performance enhancements over the original graphlib.


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This will create the file setup. The following packages are known to need recipes, but none currently exist: Created using Ly2app 1. Once your application is running, we are ready to create the stand alone version. Locates and includes all image plugins Python modules that end with ImagePlugin. It works in exactly the same way and provides no interactivity.


With the py2app package you can compile a Python script and create a portable Mac application. The only package known to use sip is PyQtso what this means is that if you use any of PyQtthen all of it will be included.



Now, we will compile our project in Alias mode. To build the application in alias mode, execute setup.

Read the load commands from every Mach-O file using macholib and build a dependency graph. So, unless you need to change the setup. Abstract py2app is a Python p2yapp suite which provides several useful features for distributing Python applications and libraries on the Mac OS X platform. A distutils command that converts Python scripts into executable Mac OS X applications, able to run without requiring a Python installation.

py2app – convert python scripts into standalone Mac OS X applications

This tool modifies the given application bundle in-place, so you may want to make a backup before performing this operation. It is not possible to pass options p2app py2applet. An installer for py2app 0. This is a setup.

Next, we need to create a setup. To start your application normally with LaunchServices, you can use the open tool:. This recipe may be improved in the future if py2app undergoes appropriate modifications. Includes the whole pygame package as-is, so that it will locate its data files correctly. Strip every Mach-O file of extraneous information debugging symbols, etc. For example, it will perform such tasks as eliminating unwanted dependencies pydoc ‘s import of Tkinter and including “plugins” for certain libraries that do not use the normal import statements PILdocutils.


To see them, open the Console application:.

Tutorial — py2app documentation

This recipe may be improved in the future if pygame undergoes appropriate modifications. Note that Finder displays application bundles without the. You will have two new folders inside your working directory: Based upon information in py2app and information you passed to setup A tool for finding Mach-O object files using macholib. The workaround is to include PEAK using the packages option.

Current issues with py2app are reflected in the TODO document in the source tree.

If you need anything more, you oy2app create a setup. Reads and writes the Mach-O object file format. The py2app suite contains the following packages:.