I didn’t like that I had to log in just to read any reply. The work is for a client project still under development so I don’t want to reveal the design just yet. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to send them to me directly. Let’s face it – they are over-burdened even though they specify that they have a team of over slicers. Often times we needed to outsource our designing work. It’s like a food critic hitting a restaurant.

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Cheers for this, been looking into this for a while, this does help me out a bit! If you say they produce good, clean work, than that’s good enough for me.

Absolute positioning everywhere, Psd2html hacks, countless pointless divs, misspelled tags and content, wrong use of z-index, the psd2html goes on. Jonathan, Does this not eat away greatly at your proffits? The day that I start out-sourcing the fun part of web development is the day I start looking for a new industry.

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I write about what interests me, which is usually web design, development, and technology. I felt this was both good and psd2html.

Often times we needed to outsource our designing work. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to develop their website. I also see your testimonial on their XG homepage. This was on par with other services that I’ve used, maybe even a little faster since there wasn’t a need to go psd2html revisions.


It wasn’t perfect, mind you, with an over reliance on extra DIV tags to pull off some elements psd2html the design you know, rounded corners and all that.

Review: PSD2HTML –

I am extremely happy with their work ethics and psd2html definitely recommend their services to other companies. And Terry, it might psd2html more practical to link to the list as it does get updated from time to time. Six of one, half-dozen of the other as they say.

I think Psd2html going to give this service a try in the near future. At it turns out, the code I got from them turned out to be quite good and actually closer to my own coding style than any other service I’ve used. I suppose that’s good for security reasons but I’m getting tired of services that email me, forcing me to go to the web site to read what has been said. Whats their words on Psd2html 4.

They’re psd2html of the larger design slicers around and was interested to see what I would get. It would psd2html been 2 pages: Too many times we had to redo the code anyway, we will never use them again.

But that’s as far as they go.

psd2html Oh, and to answer your question about price: Does anyone know a markup service who can code html suitable for. Communication was direct and to the point. I am quite interested, how are the slices?


We’re your Frontend Dev Department – P2H Inc

Excellent service, great quality of work and cost psd2html. When the site is launched, I may post about the project at that psd2html and I’ll be sure to link back to this article for reference. If someone sends you a message on the StumbleUpon site, they send you an email message letting psx2html know.

I have always been psd2html how they would turn out and how critical I would be of the actual work. They have flash-based music playing automatically on the front page of their site. Never psd2html mis-commitment, a broken promise or low-quality work. I will be very interested in seeing the end result Jonathan, Are you so busy now that you have to, in a way Contract work out? That way either you can take the time to learn and psd2html the markup, or simply pay to have it recoded.