The new version supports several hardware multimeter, internal cards, external devices. During the simulation, the hardware will work together with your created project. PCE Manometer – New hardware: Garvens scales S-Series RS Do you have questions about the product or would you like more detailed information?

profilab expert 4.0

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Decimal bug in range “Watt” fixed. Apr 16th, Rxpert. Improved timing using more than one card. Old entries are removed if entries exeed capacity entries – Front panel controls: New in ProfiLab Expert 4. In stock, delivery time: USB relay control, eight channels, bundle. Seconds only adjustable to Improved grid for front panel editing. Improved y t plotter with playback option.

ProfiLab-Expert 4.0 4.0

Be the first to review this product. Fixed channel assignment by DS chip ID.

profilab expert 4.0

ProfiLab-Expert examples are available for various models. PCE Manometer – New hardware: The distribution of ex;ert compiled applications is unlimited, so ProfiLab Expert becomes a complete and professional developers system. To sum it up, ProfiLab Expert provides experienced users with intuitive and approachable tools for designing digital and analog measuring technology projects.


Target addresses are not saved. Simply add buttons, displays, etc. Option Sync wait 5 ms added.

profilab expert 4.0

Sometimes loses connection on config upload. Compiler included ProfiLab-Expert is equipped with an integrated compiler.


Of course, you can stop the simulation at any time, to edit your project. New LED with more shapes and new functions. Exlert in version 4.

Clean up function locates redundant wires. Timeout on error response just RTU.

PROFILAB EXPERT: Abacom software at reichelt elektronik

Latest driver DLL adapted. Simply add buttons, displays, etc.

No function in digital mode. We use cookies in order to guarantee the best possible service.

New, additional pen plotter bitmap based. Please install update for Webserver as well. The compiler can create executable files for stand-alone applications that run on systems without ProfiLab-Expert.

ProfiLab Expert is an advanced software application designed to help you create and design prodilab or analog measuring technology projects. Problem changing prefix and suffix solved.