Many people mistake thinking Paidverts is just a PTC. Sitting on paidverts homepage doesn’t gives you what you want immediately. Once you complete, click proceed to advertisers website. Just by viewing ads. Click view activation ad to get 25 BAP.

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Try to click ads daily to prevent losing BAP. If you buy ad packs you will get free visits, impressions. If you feel that you’re moving too slow you can purchase ad packs.

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More BAP you earn, you have more chance to get high value ads. Get some genuine PTC sites list here. Traffic monsoon is also useful to get some free referrals. Instead you will paidverts bot ads from which you earn points known as BAP.


On day one cash ads will not be available, as your BAP is zero. Again invest your earnings and repeat the same process.


Once you join at Paidverts, you can access to its sister site “My Traffic Paudverts with same email paidverts bot and password. You do NOT have to invest in order to cashout. To get cash value ads you should have at least BAP in your account, which you can paidverts bot in 4 days. Here are some key points about Paidverts: Unlike normal PTC sites which pays cents for clicking ads, paidverts pays you dollars for clicking.

Surely you will earn some big amount online. PaidVerts from MyTrafficValue paying on time sincejust give it a try. In the above picture you can get an idea how paidverts groups their members.

You can set the minimum cash value ad that you wish to receive. But, in real Paidverts is crowd funding platform and PTC is one branch of it. Paidverts is completely free paidverts bot join and work. And there is nothing like cheating or losing money.

Work with patience for a month or two. Follow these techniques and implement to convert cents to dollars. How to earn more paidvergs in PTC paidverts botHow to work and earn money through paidvertsworking procedure paidverts. The group 9 member will get higher value cash ad For ex: Paidverts bot more BAP you’ve, the higher the value of ad will be that is delivered to your account.


Many people psidverts thinking Paidverts is just a PTC. So, the more point you’ve the more ads you will receive to click. Sitting on paidverts homepage doesn’t gives you what you want immediately. How to accumulate BAP without investment: The highest value advertisement click till now reported is USD. This is another trick to earn more income. Every thing will not happen in a day. Don’t even miss an ad without clicking. So checking all 16 activation ads will give you BAP.

Try to earn money from multiple source: