With federated systems, the foreign’ server will enable the user. There is an additional Tool included with the Omnicast installation called, “Report Viewer;” however, we did not test that application. The extensive and sometimes disorienting number of combinations of schedules, alarms, macros can even become overwhelming. Each service supports redundant configurations to provide fault tolerance. Genetec is one of the most used and well known VMS systems in the marketplace. This is accomplished by the library setting up an account for the Police Department and then allowing a login via the Police Department’s Federation server.

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Lots of manufacturer training exists There is viwer additional Tool included with the Omnicast installation called, “Report Viewer;” however, we did not test that application.

In an increasingly interconnected world, protecting video data and communications alongside safeguarding everyone’s privacy is growing in importance. Learn more about KiwiVision video analytics. This will launch the wizard to provide some level of assistance.

Genetec Omnicast Live Viewer – free download suggestions

Alarm Search mode in the Archive Player interface will omnicast live viewer an investigator to search for all triggered alarm events, then play those events back in the camera viewing panes. There are also very detailed advanced features that the omnicast live viewer would not know of as they are hidden in menus and interface settings.

For example, if the investigator wants to search for metadata from the point of sale Omnicast live viewer transaction integration, a meta-data plug-in is required on the server level. Request our white paper to learn more! A single executable of just over one gigabyte GB will allow the administrator to install both the client and server software.


Whether deploying a new security system or expanding an existing one, our Streamvault line of security infrastructure solutions allows you to easily install a secure, unified system. For Archivers, after being added to the system, each has a ‘Backup’ tab that allows the administrator to specify what entities of that Archiver should be configured via checkbox. The fact that live and recorded video are viewed in two separate applications, it will be very clear to which is being used – Live Viewer vs.

We mention key features in this section and explain them later in the review. This is a Genetec proprietary feature so it only shares security data if both organizations are using Genetec.

Each package has a base fee per deployment, not server and then additional fees per connection e.

Testing Genetec’s Omnicast Video Management Software

The investigator has the options to filter alarms by: The Omnicast system aggressively tackles these needs head-on through. We believe Genetec is trying to stop Milestone from using the term Milestone recently announced plans for ‘federation’. With federated systems, the foreign’ server will enable the user. Asynchronous playback can provide flexibility in reviewing recent events while still monitoring live streams. When this is accessed, new controls for playback omnicast live viewer on the left sidebar – to be clear, this does not switch applications but simply displays livf playback controls within Live Viewer.


Genetec provides enterprise management ivewer cameras, users, etc through its directory architecture.

Finally, Omnicast provides users viewed groups to be configured in ‘partitions. This sales course is customized for the needs and challenges The Live Viewer application will present an alarm pane for associated events at the bottom of the interface, similar to many other system. In the screencast below, we examine the usability disadvantages of Omnicast live viewer.

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This can be done in a couple ways dependent on what application and flexibility requirements. To be clear, there are seven different search types in Omnicast the investigator must ,ive from. Dedicated to independent and objective information, we omnicast live viewer refuse any and all advertisements, sponsorship and consulting from manufacturers. Why should you use them? To add to this, the installer must first extract files to initiate the setup process – this took a significant amount of time and can cause further delays of the software setup.

This is the only independent surveillance camera course, based on in-depth The virtual matrix plug-in provides the operators to control other workstation’s Live Viewer application to a biewer degree, of course. The administrator will configure this option via the Omniast Tool under Alarm Management.