Setting the Facebook shop is straightforward as you can guess from these brief instructions. While we are on the nopCommerce 3. In addition to this more frequently used data is being cached in memory, which decreases the response time significantly. Now CSS files are being bundled and minified, a feature which was contributed by the Nop- Templates development team. This is the new RTL support for the administration panel.

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I have covered all the major features in nopCommerce 3.

What’s new in nopCommerce

The next major functionality that comes with nopCommerce 3. In nopCommerce this information is referred to as delivery date. Moving on from the order management, in nopCommerce 3. I would like to finish the overview of nopCommerce 3. Now when you mark a product as Nopcommerce 3.20 themes Shipping:. When this setting is set you can see a link to the product vendor nopcommedce the product details page:.

What’s new in nopCommerce 3.2

Next I will mention the other new features, which although classified as minor ones, I believe are extremely useful to the nopCommerce store owners and developers. How to search and change settings in nopCommerce.

What this means is that you can configure individual products to be ghemes from a specific location warehouse. If you are nopcommerce 3.20 themes sure how to change language resources in hopcommerce, do watch this video.


If you are not working with the Default Clean theme, just replace the DefaultClean part of the path with the name of your theme. This is very handy because to achieve nopcommerce 3.20 themes same in previous versions you had to edit the database directly.

And if you have been running an online store you would know that a store owner should be able to change an order status manually with no hustle. Working with the nnopcommerce features in nopCommerce 3.

If you would like to add additional information to your invoices remember that they are automatically generated by the systemnow you can do so. Now CSS files are being bundled and nopcommerce 3.20 themes, a feature which nopcommefce contributed by the Nop- Templates development team.

How to search and change resources in nopCommerce. After that you had to revert the schedule of your task and restart your application again. In nopCommerce orders have different statuses Pending, Cancelled, Complete.

As you can see in nopCommerce 3.

Another new and useful feature related to the order management in nopCommerce 3. You can also configure the system to use the warehouse location when calculating the shipping cost for the product. Vendors were introduced in nopCommerce 3.

Setting the Facebook shop is straightforward as you can guess from these brief instructions. You can also view what orders a discount has been used with. In this way you are not only saving time htemes nopcommerce 3.20 themes but also not restarting your application twice, which would make your website not respond for at least 30 seconds on every restart.


Therefore before I go into the details of each nopCommerce 3.

How to upgrade a theme to nopCommerce

The most important thing to note is that before you nopcmomerce your Facebook shop, your website would need an SSL. Do not also forget to check our new video pagewhich is constantly being updated with video tutorials on nopCommerce.

Although we are covering the major features I would like to mention one very little but useful feature again related to the shipping functionality in nopcommerce 3.20 themes 3. This was nopcommerce 3.20 themes before and customers could only realize that a product is free shipping during the checkout process:. The nopCommerce developers nopco,merce appreciate the performance optimizations, the code refactoring and the move to MVC 5.

While we are on the nopCommerce 3. If you do not have one, you can always purchase it from your hosting provider and ask them to set it up for you.