Best Regards, More coming We will update clip soon with other functions. Signed Production Application, Flags: All Box Setup collection Fixed “Connection closed gracefully” in some cases – Fixed problems when invalid IMEI are being readed out from phone in case of phone wasn’t initialized and FBUS problems occured – PM Write routines rewritten – Security card is now being resetted before phone flashing, this have effect on authenthication speed when flashing many phones one by one – Selftests routines improved dynamic timeout – Multiple files can be now choosen upon Writing Certificates saved as “CRT” Cyclone binary format – BB5 SP Locks now being parsed upon read out blocks count, block content, etc – DCT4Plus partials with version 6. New Cyclone Box Firmware v1.

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Should be enough in case of problems.

You also can’t flash phones with difrent platform i. Web Toolbar by Wibiya. Save the readen Log File somewhere. New Cyclone Installer v1.

Once Clip Mode is run, you need use S1 Button to change it’s mode. Can repair Contact Service if caused by damaged simlock – Clip: All Box Setup collection This firmware will be flashh by upcoming major update.


Cyclone Box Installer v1. As usually each customer having 2 update credits, so if something will go wrong during update power failure, etc, etc, etcjust go back nokia 5030 flash file 5.10 Maintenance your box again. New DCT4 Loaders v7. More optimizations to come. To update your box use “Box maintenance” function. Nokia handsfree headset Auto Connect problem.

NOKIA BB5 USB FLASH with Phoenix Software – Pakistan The Best Gsm Blog (GsmAmjad)

Best Regards, CT, Stay tuned. Clip is very simple hardware attached together with batery to Diagnostic Port and box could be used as clip without PC.

Support for cross flash we have tested flashing with firmware and seems works. Was Nokia fault Send us MCU File and we will update it! Nokia charging solution.

Please guys help me, I forgotten my Nokia E5 password and I am trying to flash but I can’t find the firmware for it Rim ,anyone who can help me ,please email me those 3files I’ve been searching for at, thulani.


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Upgrade your boxes and DCT4 booting problems will go away. Simlock area is untouched when Relocking to factory state, and warranty will still be ok. It contains necessary informations needed to calculate code. Added support for some new types of smartcard – Bootloader: We will update clip later for other funcionality.

Cyclone Box для Nokia – Обновления

You don’t need to know which phone is UPP or Infineon based. Default clip mode is: Best way is to disconnect USB cable and connect it again. Nokia handsfree headset Auto Connect problem nokianokianokianokia bokia problem. This is used only with “Cyclone Clip” hardware. Improved security – Bootloader: Can Rebuild Simlock Area – Clip: Support for dead phones flashing – XGold: