For faster NavCoder operation, try setting the timeout to ms and then allowing up to 4 retries. To stop radio splitscreen, choose ‘Radio always fullscreen’. This ensures that if you make a coding mistake, you can open the log and look back through your sessions to see what happened. This has worked fine for me and is all I normally use. Not all I-Bus devices provide their identity, you will see this as it occurs.

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Then, when ready, you can code the nav and TV and other devices as you desire. Set navcoder in Tools Options. As a navcoder of thumb, wait for the nav system to boot and stabilise before you use NavCoder, or switch ignition to Pos1 and wait at least 15 seconds.

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After disconnecting and reconnecting the battery in vehicles navcoder the current on-board monitor radio versions and the new on-board monitor, the radio must likewise be switched on once to enable the navigation navcoder software to recognise the operating status of the radio and to activate the navcoder softkeys.

Get the drivers here: OCX be installed and registered on your PC. This command is navcode in conjunction with an OS disc, because when the boot mode is changed, the nav loads new OS software. To enable the country-specific functions of the softkeys to be correctly activated by the navigation software valid from operating software version V16the following routine should also be performed: This is the documentation and help file.


This command navcoder for BMW nav units only!

If you don’t see I-Bus messages, check your connections and your interface. Note that the Resler interface requires drivers loaded under Vista. What you have to do is this: This command allows you to recode a Mono unit to Colour. This navcoder to reflect the effort involved in hundreds of hours of software coding and I-Bus research by myself over the last few years. Mk4 now forces ‘Show arrival time’ to off, and navcoder all languages to Female.

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Most people found the CD changer or navcoder module are the easiest devices to get access to the I-Bus wire. For faster NavCoder operation, try setting the timeout to ms and then allowing up to 4 retries. OCX are missing, do this: New Product View Product Index. If you want to add other vehicles, please ask The connection is done with the I-Bus physical interface.

This has worked fine for me and is all I normally use. BM status, country navcoder, sunroof, aircon, special indicators Added ExpertMode.


This will show you what navcoder have in your car.

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Ignores msgs longer than 40 bytes, thus improving navcoder reliability especially on busy databusses E46! The Mk1 does not have an iBus naavcoder, so cannot be coded with NavCoder.

It does this by asking for the status of each device, and then requesting device identity information if available. Connect a battery charger if necessary.

Added decoding of some Navcoder data. The log navcorer size is not monitored, if you use NavCoder a lot, your log file may grow quite large.

I have found that timeout values of ms or higher often mean no retries are navcoder.

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And not navcoder I-Bus devices have navcoder identify correctly programmed! I have an E39, and I connect using crocodile clips to the navigation wiring loom navcodee, which in my car is located above the left rear wheel arch, accessible behind the CD changer trim panel.

I use the Europe region.