Plug-in developers can add features to WorldWind without changing the program’s source code. In addition, WW has bathymetry data which allows users to see ocean features, such as trenches and ridges , in 3D. Too bloody difficult to get it running. The SDK includes a suite of basic demos, available at goworldwind. It works as KML. The size of all currently available data sets is about 4. Getting help For answers to frequently asked questions, visit:

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World Wind points to significant landmarks which should be of interest to students or eorld amateurs. This way, they can not only learn about their relief, but they can also get information about their satellites. Click on the tag and you will be directed to the Wikipedia page for that particular landmark, where you’ll be able to read all about it.

CONS Sluggish when it comes to image resolution The closer you zoom in the more information overcrowds your screen Search function can be erratic. It works as KML. All in all, NASA World Wind is a fun application that can also be used to learn a lot of new things, especially if the user has the patience to explore its numerous sections. OK, Downloaded the RC2 build, installed it, and it doesn’t even make it nasa world wind 1.4 rc2 a splash screen. Its settings are now stored in WorldWind.


Map and View the Earth”. The more you focus down on a place the more names of cities and significant locations pop up.

Another of World Wind’s assets is its usability. Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. Landmarks are particularly well catalogued. However, anything coming out of the prestigious American aeronautics administration is definitely worth a closer look. NET included support for.

World Wind RC2 – The NASA World Wind Forum

Click to load comments. This refactoring exercise allows WorldWind to be accessed via a browser as a Java Applet. The original version relied on.

Apparently the wins is supposed to be in a popup bubble, but it never displays for me. In addition, WW has bathymetry data which allows users to see ocean features, such as trenches and ridgesin 3D. If you select the landmark finder tool from the top section, World Wind nsa exhibit small tags for all locations it considers of significance. Compared to other similar tools, NASA World Wind does not focus on a single aspect of the planet, but it rather covers several of them.

Use regular WW xml. This is an example of how WorldWind allows anyone to deliver their data. Since WWj is an SDK, there is no single application; instead there are any number of applications using WWj, each with different functionalities, created by government agencies and commercial developers from around the world. RC1 was a little better I think. You access it just like you are going to a local web server.


For details, see the “license. Furthermore, one can configure NASA World Wind to display the landmarks of an area thus getting details about the most famous touristic attractions located in the neighborhood. Just says that it has encountered a problem, and wants to call Microsoft and tell them about it. World Wind RC2 No thanks Submit review.

Octave High level language for numerical computations.

NASA WorldWind

So what sets World Wind apart from Google Earth? It’s like a web server, but it just puts the information in a share memory location.

Download and installation help. You can find an extensive knowledge base at the World Wind Wiki: