Momo is absolutely right and the reason why these khatam’s and qur’aan khaani’s are so prevalent in Pakistan is because everyone thinks it’s part of the Deen. Apostle of Allah, my father left in his will that a hundred slaves should be emancipated on his behalf and Hisham has emancipated fifty on his behalf and fifty remain. But making DUA is itself an act of Ibadat. I have no sect. Similarly praying Tarawih for 30 nights is fully allowed regardless of the fact that Prophet pbuh specifically told it to us or not while it falls under Mubah Ibadat where we are allowed to choose any time which is not forbidden by Islam. Have I summed up the situation fairly?

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ALLah wants you to bow to him,and ask for dua,not bowing to peer. Javed Ali is an Indian playback singer ki has been singing in Hindi movies since the year Is there a narration, which documents that Rasulullah Sallallaahu Alayhi wasallam ever performed an Ibadat like reciting Qur’an, and asking Allah to forward the reward to any of his deceased relatives? Isaal-e-Sawaab to perform a virtuous act and grant the reward to any person, alive or deceased is permissible and dda fact Mustahabb meritorious.

Learn Quran and its meaning arabicmulla ji da khatam shareef the hadiths, any Prophet’s saying is always valid, not authentic etc You must provide evidence for what you claimed, and not something else.

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I am afraid there mulla ji da khatam shareef a lot of false propaganda going along. Live and let live. If this is avoided, then surely it will be a blessed event. But I also don’t believe it’s okay to forbid it for someone who wants to do it.


There is no need to get emotional Pak4life. All that catches up with him after his death. And how does one become “qualified” and an “expert”? Therefore Hazrat Umar rz was not introducing a NEW Bidah when he let the Tarawih to go for 30 complete nights of Ramazan or to complete whole Quran during those 30 nights.

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Oh and i dont think there’s any concept of of a khatum for the deceased after 40 days, thats made up stuff, no two ways about that. But still this thing should not make shareeff blind that we start refusing all the Halals of Allah and blame them for being Harams at our own. There is also something called Bidat-e-Hasna. But is there any basis for its opposition in Islam?

khatam shareef

Anas said, “Um Sulaim used to spread a leather sheet for the Prophet and he used to take a midday nap on that leather sheet at her home. Wouldnt this be more a cultural and not religious ritual to sharefe the family get milla the grief. We are not here to impose our opinions upon others. And if what I say makes no sense, then who cares who my teacher is? If you mean you are finishing the Qur’an with the hope that the blessing goes to your deceased then i have no problem with that. Is it written in Quran?

Just look at the way they are responding. Your respective mullahs will go into their own graves and you in yours and myself in mine.

These issues are that with which there mukla evidence for benefitting the deceased and the living Muslims and as for doing an act for which there is no evidence, then this is regarded as an innovation, contrary to the truth. Start using your brains because you will be hi how you used your brain. Show us where has it been written that reciting Darood loudly before Azaan is misguided Bidah? This was Allah’s Messenger’s cloak with ‘A’isha until she died, and when she died. So because you happened to first present a few Qur’anic verses which were completely irrelevant by the waysomebody bringing in other verses is dangerous?


I have not demanded you to take an oath, because of any allegation against you and none of my rank in the eye of Allah’s Messenger may peace be upon him is the narrator of so few ahadith as I am. I DIDnt pray one traweeh sharref ramzan,If you dont want to do it than dont,MUhammad PBUH didnt pray traweeh everyday because he thought it will become a farz and very difficult one,so it is just a sunnah as is Completeing quran.

While any person feed the POOR in name of the Dead, then he is indulged in Bidah and the reward of this feeding kuatam Poor is not going to the Dead mulla ji da khatam shareef.

It is not in Jk. Written Qur’ans may not have been mulla ji da khatam shareef then, but huffaaz were always there from day one.