Should I learn Chinese or Russian? Azabam Nade Ft Milad Kiani. Top Tracks Top Artists. What do the two Chinese characters bottom right say on this envelope.? Masoud Sadeghloo – Melani. Can someone translate this Persian song to english? Also, what is mikham bokonamet?

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Answer Questions 13 most famous countries in your opinion? Madyoonam Be To Mehdi Jahani. Donya and Masoud Sadeghloo.

Beresoonamet – Ashkin Feat. Alishmas & Keyvan Baharloo | Shazam

Hamnafas Ft Donya And Masoud. Does the language spoken by us unconditionally shape our world views? Melanie and Masoud Sadeghloo. Esme To Eshghe – Single feat. Ashegh Shodam Ft Mehdi Jahani. Eshghet Ke Bashe feat. Ey Joonam Ft Mehdi Jahani. Fazet Chiye feat Melani.

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Eshghet Ke bashe Slow Version. Can someone translate this Persian song to english? Hamnafas – Original Mix. Do you speak mikham beresoonamet languages when you go abroad or rely on English? Cheghadr Tanham Ft Mehdi Jahani. Should I learn Chinese or Russian?


Eshghet Ke Bashe New Version. What does “Mikham beresoonamet” mean in english, and what is the song about? Asheghe Cheshmatam Ft Masoud Sadeghlou. Hese Khob Ft Kimia. Adame Badi Naboodam Ft Mehdi jahani.

Ashkin feat Alishmas – Beresoonamet – MP3 | Bia2

Fazet Chiye Ft Melanie. Aroom Aroom Ft Mehdi Jahani. Raghse Tane To [Feat. Azabam Nade Ft Milad Kiani.

Persian song meaning in English?

Hamnafas – Single feat. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

What music is this? Yadegaria Ft Mehdi Jahan. Eshghet ke Bashe – Single feat. Here’s the imkham http: Hamnafas Original Mix feat. Also, what is mikham bokonamet? Can anyone translate the following thai text?