The linker config file mini If you have any idea plz. Hey looks like you’re stuck there too. That would be a big help for the beginner developer like me. All the menu items through the serial port seem to work properly, though. You can found they in download section on this site.

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There are source code for the u-boot, vboot and vivi.

minitest source code compiling – FriendlyARM

Thanks in Advance regards ankit. Tor you have any idea plz. Hi, I’m greatly impressed by the mini Is there even any documentation for this? Some useful flags for gcc when compiling to mini Damian Eppel Hi again, I solved this problem itself. Here v11.2 the ADS 1. Wasnt able to compile with anything else yet. I’m an ARM beginner and would like to learn with mini Where the cursor turns into a hyperlink-hand, look for “down” in status line at bottom.


Mini comes with linux. The linker config file mini Thumb will not work. I am in dire need of some help! Its astonishing fast and I love it.

Hi guys, I would first like to apologize for my bad English Do you have any solution to this Is it tht if i install it on my PC i only need to take the executable file on board and run it there. Thanks for your advices: You can found they in download section on this site.

Jetlink detecs core, but source files do not run. The compiler is set up to generate ARM code only. Sorry for my English.

mini2440test source code compiling

Simple trick to find the download link: Can any 1 help me by providing simple step by step Hey looks like you’re stuck there too. Is there a problem compiling this code using gcc? I am suiet difficulty on chosing the coding platform for arm9 mini If anyone is still interested in test ported to IAR, here’s a snapshot of my current effort: We simply have to get it to link the application to the right entry point so the can boot it.


I visited the link but could find the link to download http: Hi Guy’s has any one found a way to compile the tests and bootloading using gcc? I’m looking forward to buying one arround next week.