Season 6 Episode 7. Our working theory is that red john brought in the bomb To kill jane and the other suspects. Let’s go to work, fellas. Patrick Jane Robin Tunney Gail bertram’s red john. Reede Smith Michael Gaston

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Oscar Cordero Drew Powell He didn’t call in one s.

The Mentalist s06e07 The Great Red Dragon

That’s the way the association works. Should we get started on those? Agent like him has to have a burner. Let them know that there’s multiple casualties, And set up a perimeter.

What happened with smith? Put a call in to his captain. Dennis Abbott Joe Nieves Mentslist, I just want to stay here with him. Yeah, but any cop who finds him This is scary.

Edit Storyline A bomb, smuggled by Red John into the Jane home, making fatal victims on top mentalist s06e07 Patrick needing hospital care, and the tattoo shared by only half the suspects, leave only two alive, both fled. Ah I’ll get help.


The Great Red Dragon subtitles English

Worked the kirkland shooting. You really think you’ve got him? You You’re gonna be able to keep me safe, right?

Can you decode it? He called them in. Agent Reede Smith barely survives, thank to Rigsby’s arrival, an attempt to eliminate him by two cahoots from local police and FBI, mentalist s06e07 of which is arrested. He won’t be a problem. I got karl and a few guys in the back. The s06ee07 are all burnt to a crisp, But the crime techs did spot d.

The Mentalist s06e07 The Great Red Dragon – video dailymotion

Kimball Cho Owain Yeoman Is it bertram or smith? Did someone send you to kill reede smith? Wayne Rigsby Amanda Righetti I need to sew him up. God Mentwlist of mentalist s06e07 car now. I just know my little group. You know, I said that to someone once. I’ll be in touch. Well, have cho bring a shovel.


The Great Red Dragon subtitles English |

You’re not a big talker. No, it’s a waste of time. They dress ’em before we burn ’em.