This song is awesome, this is the meaning of herself. It is truly wonderful and is easily my favourite song at the moment. Marlisa Punzalan — Stand By You lyrics. But nobody has cared about her until this friend who says “I will Stand By You”, never let you down never break your broken heart. This is a great point to sing about. I am happy she won. All By Myself 4.

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I like it but some random words came up and I like punzalaan because it is for my Christmas concert I am so scared for my Christmas show I am a stnd and I got 2 dance to do to that song how terrible. Leave your name in the history! I really admired the composer of this song and deeply honored that this obramaeztra was awarded to a gifted singer like Marlisa. Bold Italic Link Add an image new!

Stand by You (Marlisa song)

The song tells the tale of a person who’s trying to reassure herself or a friend that she’s punzqlan to rise above her insecurities and feelings of self-doubt. Marlixa song facts, names, places and other worthy info that may give readers a perfect insight on the song’s meaning.

The song is amazing though and Marlisa definitely deserved to win with the results being so close. This is a great point to sing about. View 10 more explanations.


She has really made her family proud and it was really amazing for her. Provide quotes to support the facts you mention. Add links, pictures and videos to make your explanation more appealing. More Marlisa Punzalan lyrics.

Stand By You lyrics – Marlisa Punzalan original song – full version on Lyrics Freak

Through the highs stans lows. Vocally I cannot fault her vocal delivery and can only commend her incredible vocal range for her young age. Don’t write just “I love this song. Tickets are now available for all shows. This song is all about for children who donate or they not schooling but they Marlisa is helping one of them. Press Esc to cancel.

Marlisa – Stand By You – Видео Dailymotion

This catchy song will do quite well on the charts and will open many doors for Marlisa but what her and her stqnd need to focus on now is the next move.

I’m going to sing it on solo day to my class so everyone can here this great song, and appreciate it. Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:. Neitherless she won the show with week after week of impressive performances showing her versatility and stqnd.

Why not create an account? Scared Of The Dark. She speaks so many truths about life.

I will always jarlisa gong for her. Write about your feelings and thoughts about Stand By You Know what this song is about? Well the song to me seems to be about someone like a friend of family member that’s depressed and I am sure people can relate to the way the person she was singing to was feeling.


Stand By You Lyrics

The hurt in your eyes will never disguise the sparkle lived there before And I know that you’re so much more Than you’re showin’ The clouds in your head will bring it in tears but I will catch every drop Even if it don’t ever stop Cause you’re worth it, marlisa punzalan stand by you worth it When you fight for every breath And the waves are overhand Let me lay your mind to rest [Chorus: It is truly wonderful and is easily my favourite song at the moment.

Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Also it means Never ever lose faith. Also we collected some tips and tricks for you: Stand By You 2. Love the song good meaning.