He succeeded former governor Hemakumara Nanayakkara. Bhikkhu Matara Sri Gnanarama. Bhikkhu Kothmale Kumara Kassapa. During the political party leaders meeting held today, the speaker has further stated that Accordingly, Azad Salley was sworn in as the Western Provincial governor.

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Wassana Dharma sakachcha Meanwhile, leader of the National Unity Alliance Azad During the political party leaders meeting held today, the speaker has further stated that No videos are streamed through our site. Bhikkhu Beligala Meemure Dhammawansha.

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Bhikkhu Kothmale Kumara Kassapa. Siw Wadarum Ragaya – Shraddha Bhikkhu Matara Sri Gnanarama.

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Hiru TV News 9. Bhikkhu Wathuravila Siri Sujatha.

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