I had to be led to why this collection is postmodern, but I didn’t have to be convinced of how much this crystallization appeals. The epistemology of what is accepted as sacred and what is requisitioned as fodder. Professor, Dept of English, A. He was so rude to his sister and her family, who were only trying to help him. Sartaj is in the police department and investigating a suicide which later of course turns to homicide. While writing Red Earth and Pouring Rain, Vikram taught literature and writing, and also worked independently as a computer programmer and software and hardware consultant.

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He is also very patriarchal, he has a view of women that is partial, he does not understand them completely, and thus, the writer’s style of portraying females is an aspect I wholeheartedly did not like. He does not reproduce old Bombay stories as his own first inventions.

I do know that I’m a lot more interested in Bombay than I used to be. One Good, rest insipid and uninspiring. But Subramaniam is the linking character of all the five stories that distances the author from the tales he tells who does not have any relation with other characters. I thought the story about social climbing was hilarious. On the part of the author, it is also doubtful whether he absorbs an in-depth meaning of these Sanskrit words or just tries to satisfy his hunger to know its superficial meaning without being familiar with Indian culture.

It’s a world with no guarantee that all explained, not until such explanations catch you by the throat.


LOVE AND LONGING IN BOMBAY by Vikram Chandra | Kirkus Reviews

As Pam will tell you, for the couple of days when my leisure time was obsessively devoted to reading this book, I was good for very little else. The five stories Dharma is the story of Jago Antia, a legendary major general with an artificial limb, who returns to his childhood house in Bombay bt find it haunted by a child. Do you get the impression this collection is all about Story?

Unlike many contemporary fiction writers, especially from India, whose bt is on their prose, Chandra, while stylish, is above all else a storyteller.

Vikram Chandra portrays two conflicts, namely tradition and modernity that stretches forth its impact on India. Consider this passage where the focus is on the central character Shiela, one of the controlling figures of the story, whose elegance and quiet confidence made me think of her as someone llonging looked like an aged Leela Naidu: Chandra belongs to a confident generation of Indian writers in English who feel little compulsion to gloss.

Kama,work, unveils corruption, deceit, and body-selling. Day by day we are becoming machines like computer, motionless as well as emotionless. So my minor this semester is Diaspora, and I’m really enjoying it. Western influence is so obviously witnessed in all walks of life that contemporary Indian Writers find it a moral duty to give voice to the spiritual and ethical vacuum that engulfed the country.

In fact, Subramaniam could be read as the link to the age-old tradition of Mahabharata and Ramayana in Artha two men are shown to love each other. But these stories are not merely page-turners.


Kama is pleasure that should not be misinterpreted as sexual one. I liked the way Chandra has linked the different genera by a frame story: The purpose of having the proper understanding of life itself is served thus.

Love and Longing in Bombay by Vikram Chandra

He left film school halfway to begin work on the novel. They are the siblings of two matriarchs, Shaila and Dolly. I read a good bit of fiction by Indian authors.

This is Bombay in all its dimensions, often in the same story and at the very same time.

Vikram Chandra’s ‘Love and Longing in Bombay’: Where potboilers meet literature

The balcony filled up with journos full of horrific election-time tales from the interior, and the younger Maruti kind of stockbrokers, and also a certain hotel-trainee group who always said. Vedic Tradition, inertextuality, storytelling, narrative, oral tradition. The sake of the new. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In fact, when I finish the anthology I’m currently reading there’s every chance that.

Finally there is love and the way this guy falls in love was so crazy that I think that the author’s perception of love is not my cup of tea. He had never known the bitterness of small statistics, but now he carried it everywhere in his mouth.