General Comment The band is called “Lostprophets”. Get it right, not “Lost Prophets”. Log in to add a tag. General Comment i sware he sounds like hes saying dancing in the dmv haa but i think its about just going out having fun and partiing and saying thats its like combat But no one really cares because there are lots of people who WILL go out at night.

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General Comment I was curious so Bar lostprophfts, week night, you don’t look right Poor lostprophers, no bite, wake up, first light This is what we live and what we see Dance club, strip light, get drunk no sight, Watch it ignite, live it up tonight Nobody really cares but it’s not for me So raise your glass my son We’re tellin’ everyone Livin’ in, everyday combat Day to day, commuter lostprophets everyday combat Shot down, dancing in the D-M-Z Walk on, streets on fire Caged in, with razor wire Shot down, livin’ in the D-M-Z We’re livin’ in the D-M-Z Times up, let’s go, all that we know Release tension, you’re my hero After dark, terror in the town high street And I know, you can’t stop full throttle Get involved mate, broken bottle Invasion!


General Comment It is DMZ in the booklet and what I think he’s talking about is just the bar hopping scene in general. At least how Ian is using it in the song. Flag ExitShikari on January 28, General Comment Does anyone else hear what sounds like a chav right lostprophets everyday combat the end of this track?

I think this is just highlighting how things get too far out of hand way to quickly, one dirty look at a drunk person and you get a revenge plotted against you: Everyday Combat is found on the album Liberation Lostprophets everyday combat. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.

Login with Facebook Error: Sounds fairly fitting in a sarcastic sort of way. Log in to add a tag.

EVERYDAY COMBAT TAB (ver 5) by Lostprophets @

No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. Add your thoughts 28 Comments. He says “nobody really cares, but it’s not for me”. Everyday Combat song meanings.

LOL i do love this song and i think ian has a lostprophefs point, but that wont stop me drinking and living like this every weekend General Comment Yeah that does sound about right. General Comment can totally feel this song! I have absolutely lostprophets everyday combat idea what they’re saying though.

Demilitarized Zone Flag Cstones on January 06, Login with Lostprophets everyday combat Error: Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! If you ever experience the evryday over here it is alike to a DMZ. General Comment i sware he sounds like hes saying dancing in the dmv haa but i think its about just going out having fun and partiing and saying thats its like combat General Comment u guys are all combta its all about north korea and south korea the border between them is the DMZ which stands for demiliterized zone.


Lostprophets — Everyday Combat (ver 2) Tab

User does not exist. I can defiantly hear something like “And I was like boosh innit” at around 5: Get it right, not “Lost Prophets”.

I think it stands for ‘Dead Mans Zone’ or so evreyday was told, meh, who knows? Create an account with SongMeanings lostprophets everyday combat post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Lostprophets — Everyday Combat. He’s just one person against the crowd. General Comment The band is called “Lostprophets”.