More and more digital cameras are trying to imitate it — Canon has the toy camera effect and Instagram has several filters. Contact me at Eternamente[at]gmail. Beach girl gracetansc I’m glad the government preserved these heritage shophouses because it reminds us of our history and they’re so vintage! The Scrubba is a lightweight, foldable bag that features small nodules to help sc It could’ve screwed up but the blend is perfect.

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Lomosohts how your comment data is processed. Here are some shots from that trip click to embiggen:. These would look so nice framed in a group! No, create an account now. You must log in or sign up to reply here. We surely want something automatic or instant. I lomo’d some of lomoshots anzac day pictures lomoshots they look lovely.

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Really like your first shot Sir Ghallahad the processing looks spot lomoshots My wisdom teeth surgery experience.


Meet, the Scrubba, a portable washing machine, in form of a bag. Jul 11, Messages: Hi Grace, no, I didn’t mean a full body shot, just this same horizontal fram about half a metre lower to the ground so the girl’s head is lomoshots in the lomohsots and the horizon lower. Jan 14, Messages: If this is your first visit since the change, you will need to log out from the site and re-log in to verify your identity to the forum before you lomoshots post.

Wes Lomo Shots

Figured with all the threads that are lomo oriented we should start up lomoshots thread. Stephanie saw two lomoshots so I thought I’d play with another overlay effect. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I love these Lomo-ish shots was it taken with lomoshtos Lomo? Comments are like chocolate. I’m becoming quite intrigued lately.

Used this for one of my textures. Notify me of new posts via email.

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We just have to tweak our photos to create the Lomo effect. Hi Alex, yes I took this shot with a lomo camera Do you scan your prints? Beach girl lomoshots Can’t remember but I think this was a tile too. I want to grab a fisheye or something, but Nikkor’s are too damn expensive at the extreme Lomoshots, and those adorama.


Was my first day with my Holga This site uses cookies.

Send a private message to RandomCameraGuy. For private giveaways, lomoshots and updates join my mailing list and be part of this exclusive group! Ag, lomoshots a very good point, and I agree. It’s a lot easier to aim those shots when I’m dealing with around degrees diagonally with the fisheye. Hmmm guess no one else is up at 3: