Also the big name of Saif Ali Khan associated with the project is not there with any worth praising performance as such and his part is more like a lengthy cameo only in his own co-production. Two guys to just chill out and one for office presentation. Watch it and enjoy! No dull moments in the movie which makes it more of great watch. This is not for average audiences, so those of you who like romantic crap, or cheesy sadak chap action, then this is completely not for you. You will always be giggled by some or the actor by their comic timing. However, they are forgivable because it’s Bollywood’s first attempt at the genre and from the looks of it they have done a good job.

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Of course, this scenario ends up in the film’s zombie outbreak, precipitated, in this case, by an experimental combo of drugs disseminated at the party. Nice Zombie movie satyadev 11 May But Go Goa Gone has startled everyone’s assumptions and imaginations. Directors do not waste much time and gets into crux of the plot and with introduction of Saif Ali Khanthe movie becomes more interesting.

Rather collage of a rented room of bachelors, office room and a zombie infested island is well crafted. Yeah and you would enjoy it for these things. Once upon a time in Bollywood there were actors running around trees singing songs which have now become classicsthen came the angry young man phase, then the Yash Chopra Karan Johar romance.

Their antics keep the audience rolling with laughter in major part of the movie. Except the kids, of course What makes GGG work is the plot with a comic element as the center. Android iOS Tenly is a news app that will deliver you daily digests of top 10 news. Hey… Dil ka jo haal hai Woh tujhe kaise bayaan kare Keh de tujhe ya dil mein rakhe Bolo na kya kare Dil jo tumhara hai Kaisa bechara hai Maane na besharam bilkul khatara hai Tu kare dil beqaraar Kyun karoon main tujhse pyar x2 O o… Pehle bhi kitni dafa dil ne kaha tujhe Samjho na meri wafaa Dunga duaa tujhe Rishta koi nahi….


Anand Tiwari and Pooja Gupta do justice to their part. Khoon choos le ringtone, they run into a couple of folks they take as Russian Mafia types, one of whom, Boris Saif Ali Khan has taken rather nicely to his new role as zombie killer he first turns up, armed to the teeth, and blowing the hordes away, saying “I kill dead people” which, somehow, I can only take as a zombie movie take off on M. And the storyline was interesting on how the Virus spread on khoon choos le ringtone remote Island.

Saif is good, but I frankly didn’t find him that impressive at all as was being projected in the promos. It’s hard to keep the audience immersed. The rest is just classic zombie-killing fun with guns, knives, whatever-comes-handy and more guns!

Action sequence with a little comedy every thing was in perfect combination.

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Music by Sachin-Jigar is foot-tapping with slowly- slowly being pick-up from the lot. Out of few sci-fi’s made in India, like Koi Mil Gaya. The dialogs were hilarious. Youngsters will definitely have a ball watching this mad,mad ,mad ride.

Go Goa Gone Mobile Ringtones

You get to see just what is there, no artsy-fartsy bullsh1t. Saif Ali Khan’s pseudo Russian Mafioso was an entertaining gag when originally introduced but it got a little old and drabby after a while. Coming to the end there is also a social message against usage of drugs. Specially “Slowly slowly” and “Khoon choos le”. If you’re one of khoon choos le ringtone many people who enjoyed ‘s hit release, “Delhi belly” then you’re in for a ride.


Watch it and enjoy!

Also, good music, which Danny Boyle would concur with. Songs and background score: The second half might give you a feeling of Dejavu but then majority of zombie survival films moves in this set pattern.

Go Goa Gone () – Go Goa Gone () – User Reviews – IMDb

Bhoot, while not the first Bollywood horror film, marked a trend of Indian horror filmmakers joining something like a common culture of international cinematic horror creators, finding modes that would find greater international success.

A bit loose ending but isn’t ending movies like this the hardest part?. Purely a Zombie-based theme, a sci-fi element that a drug would damage most part of the brain making the survivors Zombies, and the rest being the similar khoon choos le ringtone from any such western counterpart.

Any respectable camp zombie movie should have the following, IMHO – an unconvincing social message e.