Walk You Through This. Put Life in Rap. Let Em’ Celebrate Feat. This For The Street. Want to watch more videos for this song? We Run Shit feat.

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Rates, Jay-Dee and Boobz.

They Don’t Wanna Hear. Music for your Website. Dont Fuck with Kerser. To watch videos non-fullscreen: My Eyes Are Shaken.

IMA BE ME | Kerser Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios

Kerser] Lets go back to ’09 when my tape dropped The industry blocked me out, they always hated Scott But it’s okay cos I’m a fighter, dropped another one Kerser ima be me year later mw the gutter down the drain son And all the albums oerser Nebs, we had ’em scratchin’ their heads Topping ARIA charts over and over again; Now they hitting my phone, wanting the latest of news Had me losing my mind, I kerser ima be me kinda confused ‘Cause they labelled me a criminal They heard about a drive-by and tried to paint a visual But, way before that, I was spitting raw rap Walking round Cambelltown hoping we could score that; Reminds me of all them freezing cold nights Running mucks getting chased by them bright lights; Now I hit the stage you said I’d never make it I’m a superstar, let me rub it in your faces!


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Line ‘Em Up feat. Livin’ In A Dream. Please Buy My CD. Remember your video choices. So You Did Leave. Kerser Is The Sickest. We Run Shit Feat. Please select a valid image file.

Kerser – Deadset 3 lyrics

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