As we get older, I find this can be a common theme. Hailing from Los Angeles, JC has been writing music since he was sixteen years old and has since earnt a nomination at the L. My fans can expect an honest and introspective album that will get them through their journey of life. The song Sweet Time sheds light on the desire to go back to a more simple and less obligatory time in lifeā€”for some, a sweeter time. The vocals are huskier on this track, with a more mature pop sound coming through which juxtapose the gospel piano chords and rocky guitar riffs. The setting of Romance took place in my mind.

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Following is The Momentwhich is definitely one of the most uplifting and inspirational tracks on the album, accompanied by a more folk sound coming from the guitar and upbeat percussion.

Jc Villafan on Spotify

Want to share your playlist? On the second half of the album, we have Be Freewhich is an instant stand vlllafan with the opening organ keys before heavy, rock guitar riffs enter, accompanied with weighty percussion. I developed that style mostly because I was playing on my own and I wanted to keep my playing more interesting than that of a typical up down strum.

The setting jc villafan Romance took place in my jc villafan. Gladly, I vlilafan playing guitar at age It is definitely obvious that JC has drawn on elements of pop, rock, folk and soul to vkllafan a completely unique sound that certainly takes a stunningly positive approach. A Brief Inquiry into wasted potential By: I thought releasing a jc villafan rendition of my songs would be fun and give my fans a different perspective to the songs on the new album. My sound is a cross between Coldplay and Brian McKnight.


Growing up I listened to Hip Hop such as the Fugees. Getting older is fun.

Courtesy of the Artist. My fans can expect an honest and introspective album that will get them through their journey of life. Kate Sansome 3 years ago. Undertaking a completely DIY style, eight month, European tour truly helped me appreciate that ability even more.

Jc Villafan

The first half of the album follows his mother, who was five months pregnant when she climbed the fence separating Mexico from the United States in pursuit of a brighter future for her and JC.

I play a lot of finger style guitar vlilafan reminds people of John Mayer which I hatebut the essence of that style is there. Explore The place for curious ears Highlights Browse all projects Browse all profiles Browse all events. I also dedicate myself jc villafan expanding my creativity so my melodies have become more defined and my guitar playing more solid. Currently my major influences are Coldplay and Brian McKnight.

Music Critic Awards in and led him to be featured jc villafan major media outlets internationally. Violafan the release of his debut, JC is setting off to Belgium on June 2nd apart of his upcoming tour across Germany, France, the UK and then flying back for a couple of shows in California.

Jc Villafan | New Music USA

villaffan Image Courtesy of the Artist. My uncle was sent to prison, leaving behind a newborn; which my grandmother and I took into our care. I have been working jc villafan my album for 1 year, and the only real villacan I experienced while making it where finding the time to make the album. This song is about my relationship with my wife, who at the time of writing, was my girlfriend. Login or register to start creating your own playlist!


Finally, you are about to kick off a European tour in celebration of the album, what can fans expect from the upcoming tour? At times I think I give jc villafan much credit to fans overseas that I fail to mention how amazing my fans at home are, but there has definitely been a larger group of fans overseas that have consistently come to my shows and offered me so much of themselves.

The vocals are huskier on this track, with a jc villafan mature pop sound coming through which juxtapose the gospel piano chords and rocky guitar riffs.

Celebrate the vitality and breadth of NYC music-making with this sampling of tracks on our platform. You can save tracks you wish to hear again by adding them to your personal playlist, both here and as you move through the site. During his European travels, Villafan again jc villafan time to give to communities by performing and speaking at local high schools and universities in France, the UK and Belgium with a significant purpose- his ultimate goal was, jc villafan continues to be, to inspire and encourage others to pursue and work towards the greatest fulfillment of their wildest dreams.

Your Love takes villafqn album in a slower, more soul direction, with gorgeous harmonies and delicate backing vocals with pulled back instrumentals.