Of seers from True Teacher Raja. From matter consciousness may rise,. He realizes that in the endless series of his past lives he wandered aimlessly on account of his not meeting a living true Teacher, that he has luckily or fortunately met one such in the present life and it is a unique advantage, that meeting a true teacher of the Self is of immense benefit to himself. Formally he repeats parrotlike that the Self is ever young, immortal, pure, and never bound, hence no question of its freedom. And that is called complete destruction of the Soul or unqualified Liberation Nirvana, Moksha. At best we can admit that the Soul can choose to do good, bad or mixed actions, and that doing good actions leads to Heaven, bad actions to Hell and mixed actions to the middle world the Earth, to enjoy or suffer the fruits of its actions.

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The part three ends Atmasiddhi with enlightenment jain atmasiddhi the disciple. To say that only a conscious soul can initiate activity, does not mean that is must aymasiddhi act and as doing something brings some results, not doing it should bring the opposite results. The sentient Soul by a strong determination can control and be completely free from attachments and atmassiddhi jain atmasiddhi thereby it can be free from all bondage to actions.

The Soul cannot be eternal. The Soul in the living body cannot say it was born nor can it say it is dead. Is out of sight, its form unknown. Hence it does not exist.


Atma Siddhi – Wikipedia

An inactive Self cannot be held responsible for activities of Prakriti. The path of liberation lies in destroying craving, aversion and ignorance, which are knots of karmic bondage.

What a surprising argument is yours, O my pupil? Jwin path of perfection is the same, In all times past, presentfuture, Its path pratical worth the name, Acceptable if helps soul-nature. If religion is a method of Soul’s Liberation it is not jain atmasiddhi at all since the Soul does not exist. He scrupulously follows jain atmasiddhi Guru’s advice in every way.

Since according to Jain atmasiddhi the pure and eternal Soul liberated from all actions is God, He can neither create the world nor be the author of the actions of the living beings.

Few fortunates, who know the nooks.

Rises right conduct gradually. Jain atmasiddhi book dispels the doubts of the Buddhists who either believe that there is no Self at all or that if there is one then it is only a momentary Self.

Can be the Soul, all else is false. Infatuated behavior of the Soul due to its attachment and hatred and wrong understanding of the nature of the Soul or ignorance of the Soul’s real nature are together the fundamental source of all actions. With the removal of ignorance, by jain atmasiddhi, one gets free from doubts and becomes fearless. Therefore one is always benefited in thinking and appreciating their favors done to him. In the third we may find that there jain atmasiddhi various orders of the disciples and they adopt different uniforms for their identification.

SHRI ATMA SIDDHI SHASTRA of Shrimad Rajchandra

Infinite time has passed till now, For good or bad ideas maintain- The chain of bondage anyhow, Jain atmasiddhi hand is freedom, break the chain. O my Master, jain atmasiddhi I was full of faults and worldly attachments, notwithstanding them, you lifted me up from the worldly mire to the elevated condition of the spiritual enlightenment.


In the world one religion holds that a Soul in order to be liberated must be born in a Brahmin family, the other holds that the Soul in a woman’s body does not deserve liberation. The soul that’s living, conscious beauty, Quite free from all deluding views, That leads to perfect purity, Serves for the means of freedom huge. The disciple is intent on acting up to his Master’s guidance in the subject.

Compounds of elements can be seen. Both are utterly different and are experienced as such in all times. Ignorance is destroyed by knowledge as darkness is dispelled by light.

The real knowledge cannot shine. He is indifferent to worldly opposites such jani friend jain atmasiddhi foe, pleasure and suffering, respect and disrespect, etc.

Release is the fruit of retirement from atmasiddyi. The Self is atkasiddhi from the living body, its senses jain atmasiddhi breath and yet it is not seen or atmasidxhi as an independent substances.

Thus call the soul as does, receives.