Very good app was only some days and from today does not working. Some problems with my contacts receiving messages. If I don’t want to be accessible I just change the status. If their username isn’t short, I have to log onto aim on my computer to add it. So far the only way to shut it up is to force stop the app.

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Decent Only app like it that consistently works on my phone and tablet. This is the best IM client for Android. Otherwise great app is great for chatting on many various networks simultaneously. Seem to be having issues with AIM recently Not sure if something has changed but any fix would be appreciated.

Very handy to chat on the fly. Bad for FB Sweet Love it would like to be able to list by account and groups in those account. This app is awesome. However, smileys im+ pro 6.6.1 apk quite small even for a note 3 but tolerable.

On other clients side always i minimize this conversation they get a message like this: I’d like it a lot more if it synced message history between devices, and I’d pay more too Muito bom! I heard version 4 and above have encryption, is this the case here?


Its a very good app the only thing that its missing is a buzzed so the other person can know that you r there ok but everything esle its all good Need to show the email of the person that’s proo you email and it doesn’t show it at all It’s cool I like it very much!!!!! Hard to ap for anything better.

IM+ Pro APK 6.6.5

Po worth the money. Wish it had names with icons. The only downside is that it doesn’t stay connected for long if it’s minimised. That works much better. There’s only two things wrong I don’t like.

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This was a decent apj but many chat clients no longer work and there km+ been no updates in 8 months. Thanks for remembering us old geezers! Used to be a 5 star app but now totally useless. Shortcuts added to home screen or anywhere tell me “application is not installed”. Emoticons should be more or should be able to integrate with emoticon apps like Bitmoji.

Messenger — Text and If i am in an OTR conversation jabber and than minimize the app using the home button or lock app the otr connection disconnected. Other than that, Im+ pro 6.6.1 apk love it!


I need this app to stay in touch. But they seem to have removed the preferences button, so you can no longer stop it from starting when you boot, not can you turn it off easily. Facebook stopped working a couple days ago.


If their username isn’t short, I have to log onto aim on my computer to add it. Love this app Love it, except the latest update took all functionality away. Top download in Communication. Just I dont know why I paid for it.

I am not able to see active notifications and they pop up only when I open this app. If I don’t want to be accessible I just change the status. Turning it off prl it back.