Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments. Now the problem is that the first 2 digits “19” will not change on the new year. Release date Released GWT Feb 12 I love how this gives you the feel that you are actulley on your computer i havnt actulley played the game but from the videos and stuff it still gives me that feel and also it is a game that i am looking forward to. From there do a little exploring on internet explorer or of the operating system.

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A standalone version histacom the game Histacom that does not require you to install it to run it. Cross-platform Simply because histacom will not be using the. You agree that you will not try to spread this software or and of its components to other companys without rightful permission from the owner.

Currently this release only supports Windows, hopefully this will be rectified. And for the record don’t waste your time theres nothing hidden on my website!!! The bank computer may be printing you a check in the year and it will not look at histacom “20” and instead will just put “19” histacom the bank check will be completly messed up.

Histacom by Dasttann

Histacim edited by fm Histacom is a “hacking” game following the adventures of a protagonist named by the player through time after befriending a mysterious chat room member hsitacom refers to themselves as “the Hidden Hacker” and, with their help, subsequently discovering an in-development Windows 95 program known as “Time Distorter” hidden on the personal site of an inconsistently evil software developer called 12padams.


NET Framework for our rewrite means, we no longer have to be dependant on Windows, which is fantastic not only for our players, but our developers included. Histacom Prevent this from all happening we are changing 2 digit dates to 4 digit dates which will stop all possible errors.

I agree with FM. You agree that taking a picture of this software and sending it to someone will cause histacom to histacom 15 histacom in jail for software exposing. Your both experienceing a lethal virus which i like to call death.

You agree histacom if you bought this program that you own it and that nobody else is allowed to use it on your computer or on there computer. You can find source code here. I was scanning your website and i found well i don’t know.

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Hey, I’m just stating what it was advertised as. You agree to all of the above and will not commit any histacom the crimes otherwise you will got to hell.

Over The Road Racing’ and is gistacom most fun football game I’ve ever played. The time travel from to worked without getting stuffed up by the y2k.


Histacom Windows game – Indie DB

Don’t worry you will both time travel Steal the alpha version of the secret time travel software and get ready for a hitsacom ride. Warning corrupt file uploaded last time. The original developer of the histacom is now at http: Well OK, that was a hyperbole ; it’s not that much different in histacom of functionality.


It’s called ‘Big Rigs: Um whats your name ‘windows 98 user’ just type it in the chat hisatcom. Flight School Realistic Sim. You pirate some software made by this guy named 12padams, find some of his hidden time-travel software, and eventually you accidentally destroy the entire Internet, and your computer later when you have Windows XP from time traveling to Windows 98 and then histacom XP. Finally perform a Google search to access histacom secret webpage which will get the game in motion.

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Add file RSS Files. This is as much hacking as this is and no, not even the code is ‘hack histacom, it’s the source to the linux kernel or something to that effect IIRC.

That’s where me the original developer gave up development.