You simply copy the image onto the clipboard by selecting the thumbnail image you want, select the Edit menu, and choose Copy to Clipboard. In the optimizing step, you can select the image quality and see the corresponding file size and download times for different modem speeds. Finally, the images are individually masked by professionals – so that each Photo-Object can stand up to be superimposed on any background. Once you’ve worked out your favoured route, you can save it as a preference and then simply drag and drop your images. Then from the application you wish to use the copied image, select the Edit menu and choose Paste. There are two volumes available currently. The software then converts the image file from its highly compressed HPI format to any number of other formats, on the Windows clipboard or to one of several industry standard formats such as TIFF or PNG.

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Over again to Erica: Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories.

Hemera Photo-Objects Vol. I & II

Photo-Objects at a hemera photo objects resolution of approximately x pixels that can be used at up to DPI.

You might find art collections obuects more than a million designs – yet searching for that elusive element can be frustrating. Excellent source libraries of photographic stock images are sold by Hemera, under the product name Hemera Photo Objects. Home Products Clip Media.

There is a small User Guide lbjects discusses: You couldn’t go wrong with these flexible hemera photo objects affordable volumes of Photo-Objects. User feedback for the Photo-Objects range seems to spill over anywhere you care to look – predictably Hemera has two full pages of quotes and testimonials. Enter Photo-Objects – a technology, a medium and a product from Hemera that provides you jemera readymade objects created from real photographs.


You even have some Photo-Objects that are already framed. Yet, vector clip media has its disadvantages – it’s similar to a pencil sketch or illustration – in other words it’s like a representation of a real thing – not the ‘actual’ real thing. All World Wide Rights Reserved.

Hemera has a variety of hemera photo objects products such as: You start the Export Assistant by double-clicking the thumbnail image of any Photo-Object. When you use this method, the image will be copied in the file format defined in the Clipboard settings found under Preferences.

Continuing with feedback, there’s a certain category of end-users who require Photo-Objects in higher resolutions or dpi – specifically for jobs in professional print media. The PhotoFont Maker is a welcome bonus. That’s certainly not the case for Hemera and its new volume of Photo-Objects. Clip art is a vector image line drawing and a Photo-Object is a photo of that image with a transparency mask that surrounds the object for the removal of the background.

Samsung’s Hemera photo objects Smartphone Is Real!

Hemera Photo-Objects II

The Photo-Objects collections are sold usually in CDs – but swapping eight CDs can be cumbersome – fortunately, Hemera realises this predicament – registered users of Photo-Objects can order a DVD containing the entire collection from Hemera directly – a minimal amount is charged.

There are at least hemera photo objects more options to export your graphics – you’ll find more details in my review for Hemera’s The Big Box of Artelsewhere on this site. Installation is a snap. Web Authoring –Use for Web pages. A Photo-Object can be used anywhere that you would normally use clip art whether it is in graphics, web or wordprocessor applications. I then used a plug-in to create the special effects. Well – that’s an exaggeration – and probably it’s a good feeling to find a product you can exaggerate about!


Hemera Photo-Objects 50, Volume II meets the needs of the SOHO, graphic design, illustration, Web and print publishing markets, which rely on a constant supply of high-quality, royalty-free images. When you use this method, the image will take on the file format defined in the Drag and Drop default settings under Preferences in the Edit menu. The solution is to use the Export Wizard which walks you through saving the image either to BMP with a hemera photo objects coloured background, to GIF with a 1-bit transparency mask or to TIFF with a full 8-bit transparency alpha channel.

Hemera Photo-Objects 50, Volume II now available

Back User Responses User feedback for the Photo-Objects range seems to spill over anywhere you care to look – predictably Hemera has two full pages of quotes and testimonials. With an emphasis on image quality and performance, we’ve found the best of the best!

There is also a bonus program, PhotoFont Maker, that is included with each volume. The installation program builds a database so you don’t have to swap cds to see what’s on each one.