Franck and Simon are both good cops and partners. The backdrop of the movie is the Christian-Muslim conflict plaguing the region at large, and its effect on the mixed population of the village dwellers. I watched this movie at the Toronto Film Festival. I found this weird at first, especially since most of the people I discussed the film with within my circle of friends and colleagues didn’t really like it. Where Do We Go Now?

halla2 lawen movie

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But as the film closed I was left with a blank face I seriously doubt that, rather I think it is the thing that the world would like to see about Lebanon; an exotic Lzwen village with the ‘typical’ Lebanese strife. This is a very wonderful, funny, and poignant window into that world, told by people who are very close to the real situation.

The score of the movie is chilling and haunting and wonderfully executed by Nadine’s husband Khaled Mouzanar. Women heartsick over sons, husbands and fathers lost to previous flare-ups unite to distract their men with clever ruses, from faking a miracle to hiring a mlvie of Ukrainian strippers.

But the power of the film is the message of compassion and the desperate need to re-think the omnipresent crises that tear the Middle East apart. Oxana Chihane as Katia. I wish they could direct a lot of these movies, not about the same issue, but, hopeful, some romance with some drama, humor, and violence would make the best movie ever, to watch!

halla2 lawen movie

It makes you wanna complete it till the very end. They do not want to witness any more deaths amongst the young men. The women decide there is something must be done by any means whatsoever to prevent another potential war in the villagekilling more of their sons, brothers and husbands.


Award Season halla2 This is the story of a small community barely keeping itself together, surrounded as it is by violent conflicts between opposing religious groups.

One of their customers is Amale Nadine Labaki, who also directed whose cafe is being renovated by the handsome Rabih Julian Farhat. Obviously, as an outsider, I cannot judge the veracity of these negative comments but after viewing the film and reading the positive reader comments I must believe those people.

halla2 lawen movie

The script is so strong it will turn you bipolar. Franck and Simon are both good cops and partners.

Then how about when she delivers a tour de force performance as one of those women, who happens to be in love with a man from the town’s other religion. But I never had an account–at least not until today.

There was a bit of too much melodrama, but in defense of the film – and from first hand experience, this is the way mothers lament and ualla2 when losing a child. I watched “where do we go now” on Monday at the Stockholm Film Festival. At last, a Lebanese attempt that makes it worthwhile. The film was shot in Taybeh, a village near Baalbekbecause the town contains a church neighboring a mosque.

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It’s machine-tooled to raise smiles, swell hearts, and tickle tear ducts, yet it does so with sufficient cross-cultural cred you don’t feel too yanked.

It is a very positive film, well crafted in all aspects, scenario, shooting and most importantly, depicting the characteristics that makes any society special, yet part of the eternal human quest for a better life.


And it is then that the few women of the village start to lxwen plots to keep the men busy, entertained and get their minds lasen being violent.

halla2 lawen movie

Cynthia S Super Reviewer. This is not normally a film I’d go out of my way to watch, in fact, it was another of various film titles my mom picked to watch on the Netflix hhalla2.

And then after being utterly devastated, it brings you back to laughter. Does anyone have any idea as to how I can watch this movie? The comedy-drama focuses on a group of women and their antics to keep the men off each other’s throats.

Where Do We Go Now? () – Rotten Tomatoes

The story as written by lawem gifted Nadine Labaki who also stars and directs is that of a little village in Lebanon that is half Christian and half Muslim: And then there is Lysistrata, again another unconfessed adaptation mixed with unconfessed homages to directors, scenes, styles But that is only to be expected in a place where violence is feared every minute of the day, as this is a compelling allegory of a war torn country, long divided by hala2 bloodshed.

Most people had no idea it was showing today. View All Photos Of women still in black, who fought with flowers and prayers instead of guns and flares, and protect their children.